computer gear doing strange things

  KEITH 1955 10:43 16 Sep 2018

in tech help I posted a thread " corsair keyboard doing strange things"

if you dont want to read the post I basically said after I turned house mains off to do some work , this happened , when I turned my pc on all the keyboard lights scrolled and I could not type. This was the corsair reply

Hello Keith,

Sorry to hear that. Regarding your issue with power, it is related to features of your motherboard. Some motherboards, such as your's, include features such as always on USB ports which can cause issues such as this. I would suggest double checking your BIOS to see if it can be disabled on certain ports or use ports that do not have it if they are available. When the keyboard receives power without a data connection, the demo mode will run and it cannot be turned off.

Over the years I have seen or heard of other examples of pc oddities , in 2003 I read a weird thig that windows had a segment of classical music hidden in it , many months later I was using word and I swear I heard some music and yes I was sober.

can any of you remember the paper clip help wizard in word , if you chose to use that wizard it use to run around the screen making a tapping noise on the glass but if you clicked it , it did not actually do anything. It was an april fool gag that Microsoft hid in an update.

HAVE any of you had any computers or peripherals do odd or unexplained things.

  Aitchbee 18:41 17 Sep 2018

FE, thanks; perhaps Microsoft Software Repair shops would be more appropriate.

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