computer boredom

  fitcher 11:05 13 May 2006

i am afraid i had no luck with the latest free disk photoimpact xl i went to their web site but could not see the code .was it in the magazine somewhere ?i realy am becoming dissenchanted with the free disks .and now bin them ..they are only a means of advertising for the company . but i know how hard it must be to find content for your disks ,not like the past when you had all the free stuff ..seems like the new items are drying up .and there is a lull in ideas computer boredom is overtaking me also good luck to all .

  Totally-braindead 13:50 13 May 2006

I haven't got the mag yet as I'm not a subscriber and prefer to get it at my local newsagents. Theres only been the once that I can remember that they mucked things up with registering programs. My thought is because the magazine is not officially on sale yet the web site might not be ready to supply the code you need.

  Forum Editor 13:59 13 May 2006

don't write off PhotImpact whatever you do - it's a superb program, and I use it in my office on an almost daily basis.

  Pidder 15:56 13 May 2006

On this subject of interesting programs on the disk, I had a look at the magazine reference to Linux but the download takes about 45 minutes, even with BB. It seems to be available on a C.D. if you wait about 6 weeks. Might this be a possibility for a future cover disk? Preferably the one that runs from the C.D. Better still, what about a free upgrade from 98SE to XP? or am I being too optimistic?

  wolfie3000 17:54 13 May 2006

could a full version of Halo 2 and windows vista be put on the cover disks as it will save me alot of money later on?

Or maybe a vista compatible pc too?

Heres hopeing.

  DieSse 18:05 13 May 2006

*Better still, what about a free upgrade from 98SE to XP? or am I being too optimistic?*

Too optimistic by a million miles.

A free Linux "live" demo (ie runs entirely from the CD) would be an excellent idea.

  keith-236134 18:50 13 May 2006

I find some of the cover disks are a bit of a fiddle, they advertise some impressive program as "free on this disk" then when you try it it's only for a limited time.

  fitcher 12:45 14 May 2006

just to say that i have used the linux programes from sister magazines and they are good .just another little niggle ,the sister mags overlap with same story lines ,never the less i still continue subscriptions and have mags going back to 84 .with loads of demo disks ,on an old computer in my garage i have over 90 demos .local kids realy have fun with them .thanks to all close now .

  martjc 13:44 14 May 2006 getback to the original question!
On the Disk, when you attempt to install the prog, there is a link to Ulead website for the serial no.
I cliched on it and was asked for an email address so they could send it to me.
Checked my email after some time...nothin'
Checked again... still no. Eventually I found a broken email in my inbox. It had a link in it, which I followed. The serial was immediately provided!

Seems their system is a bit awry.

When installed though, it is an excellent program and worth the wait.

  martjc 13:47 14 May 2006

you'd be better off in the helproom with a question like this.

  martjc 13:51 14 May 2006 you relly want acopy of a decent Linux distro? email me and I can post you the latest UbuntuLinux - both disks, live and install version.

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