Compulsory Volunteers ?

  mark2 14:25 12 Apr 2009

Seems youngsters will be treated as criminals before they school shortly. Community service even if you haven't commited a crime ?

Didn't the russians and nazis have something similar.

Will there be a new govt department to oversee these youngsters, needed to provide jobs for his ex mps, they can then take a job as a suprvisor in the new department.

When did voluntary become compulsory ?

  Brumas 14:27 12 Apr 2009

Sounds quite provocative, however a link would help?

  mark2 14:32 12 Apr 2009

apologies click here

  newman35 14:38 12 Apr 2009

I think someone is 'playing with words' here.
Community service has been hijacked as penal, a way of punishing miscreants. But real community service is what thousands of us have done for years, helping our fellow citizens without pay.

Talk of Nazi youth or similar is ridiculous.

  newman35 14:41 12 Apr 2009

National Service was surely our very own 'Hitler Youth League', compulsory and military.? See how that corrupted us all!!!

  Bingalau 15:00 12 Apr 2009

I think they still may have National Service (with a choice of the armed forces or their NHS) in Germany.

  mark2 15:00 12 Apr 2009

Yes real community service has been around for years, hijacked by the penal system now, but real community service is voluntary. It seems the proposal is to make it compulsory.

"Mr Brown said a promise to bring in compulsory community service would be a part of his next election manifesto."

  Si_L 15:05 12 Apr 2009

Isn't the very phrase 'compulsory volunteering' an oxymoron in itself?

  newman35 15:27 12 Apr 2009

What I'm saying is that National Service was compulsory as well, and didn't turn us into a nation of criminals.
The idea of some form of national service for the young has been mooted for years - I see nothing wrong with it, as long as it instills some community pride, and gives something back.

  namtas 15:34 12 Apr 2009

I do community service on a regular basis, I certainly do not feel that I am a criminal.

  spuds 16:22 12 Apr 2009

'Help in the Community' as been around for quite a number of years, in fact it is a part of the already government (you and I) funded scheme run within the probation services.

If the GB scheme is part of the next election's manifest, then let's hope the mathematics for administration have been worked out correctly, and its not self reliant on local tax, as a curriculum for further educational needs.

Other points to perhaps consider, would be whether the unions or similar organisations would object, on the grounds of taking work away from the unemployed!.

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