Companies House - Web Filing Nonsense

  PalaeoBill 23:18 11 Apr 2010

I swear there must a job creation scheme running within the Companies House IT web design team.

In completing the annual returns I have been forced to enter the Country (a new field) that each existing director lives in. Given that there is post code lookup attached to the form, I would have thought the software could have worked out which country each directory lived in automatically. But... never mind, they obviously don't want to take responsibility for getting it wrong, arse covering and all that. It's not that great a task for me to select UK and click OK for each and every one of them. However...

I am then forced to enter a date at which this change of details became effective!

What? The details haven't changed. Then it dawned on me that the system is going to generate a change of address form and all of the clerical work that this will entail. For every single director in all of companies and subsidiaries.

Goodness knows how many other companies will have to do this and how much civil service work will be generated. All so that Country can be added to the addresses that are already on record and most of which are patently in the UK.

  wiz-king 05:31 12 Apr 2010

Ramifications -- this will mean filing a return to the Office of National Statistics who will the be able to say X% of directors moved offshore last year. - so it has some use *grin*

  PalaeoBill 09:46 12 Apr 2010

I had to file annual returns for seven companies, as far as I was concerned there were no changes. It is the same information that has been filed for many years now. For whatever reason they now want Country added to the address details they already hold for the directors.
Fine, if as you suggest this just involved a database change it would be fine, but it doesn't. They want a date from which the change took place and they want to handle the change as a 'change of address' (i.e. as in the director having moved house) which is clearly has not happened. This is probably the line of least resistance, lets use an existing process to do what we want and hand the extra paper work.

  PalaeoBill 09:53 12 Apr 2010

Sorry that should read hang the extra paper work. Sorry forum member, I'm just wound up. I know how easily they could have done this and I know how much work will now be done to accomplish it. All the change of address forms that will be printed (in the paperless office, ha!) and all those extra data base entries. Given I've lived at my current address for longer than I have been director of some of the compaines, the 'date' at which my home address became part of England is several years before the company was incorporated. That should give the computer something to think about when dealing with active dates for current and previous address.

  PalaeoBill 17:14 12 Apr 2010

There is no paperless office. A simple job like add a Country to an existing address becomes raise a form 288c and that then goes through the system.
The data I typed in on-line on the Companies House system gets printed and retyped onto another computer where it is then printed onto a 288c and the real paper trail begins. Several copies wind their way through various systems and then onto several databases. The HMRC and Companies House systems don't talk to each other for a start. It isn't treated as a change of address it is treated as a new address. So the old address gets recorded somewhere. I dread to think how much work this will generate.

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