Come Dine With Me

  Condom 19:08 26 Mar 2012

Come Dine With Me

If you fancy a lovely meal in the country then "Come dine with me" £5000 will secure you a 4 course meal together with a very nice bottle or two of "House Wine" but unfortunately not "the" House Wine.

£250,000 is of course the premier league and may allow you to talk with me and discuss and perhaps influence my forthcoming plans. Playing at Chequers is not obligatory as many prefer Chess.

  natdoor 20:35 29 Mar 2012

john bunyan

The option to donate the political "levy" is tied to the Labour party, as you well know. They were the foundation of the party. If a union member wishes to support another party he is free to opt out and make a donation to whichever party he chooses.

fourm member

The statistics quoted are only based on a survey. their validity is clearly open to question. The electoral vote is secret and one cannot know how people voted. One can ask a few but there is no guarantee that those questioned revealed the truth.


Public funding of political parties has great advantages. Firstly the amount spent on an election campaign can be constrained by limiting the public funding and banning large donations from companies or individuals. Secondly, the power to influence government policy by means of large donations would be removed, resulting in better decision-making on behalf of the population at large. Thirdly, the cost to the individual would be minimal, amounting to less than 50p per year.

  Snec 01:07 30 Mar 2012


I agree, the cost would be minimal although I understand the figure would be £4 to £5 per person, not the 50p you suggest.

If these people could be trusted I would have no objection actually, however I am sure the money would be treated as 'extra' to that which they they contrived to fiddle through from silent donors and that is why I'm against doing it. These people keep proving to us, time after time, that they just cannot be trusted, any of them.

I find myself becoming surprised, and maybe even a little alarmed, that folks on the forum are still taking political sides. It is the Politicians who are all in it together and us, the ones that I have heard three separate parties describe this week as 'the ordinary people', who are not in it at all. It should be evident by now, even to 'ordinary' people what these politicians' aspirations and agendas really are. They keep getting away with it and we keep letting them so I suppose you cannot blame them really.

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