Come Dine With Me

  Condom 19:08 26 Mar 2012

Come Dine With Me

If you fancy a lovely meal in the country then "Come dine with me" £5000 will secure you a 4 course meal together with a very nice bottle or two of "House Wine" but unfortunately not "the" House Wine.

£250,000 is of course the premier league and may allow you to talk with me and discuss and perhaps influence my forthcoming plans. Playing at Chequers is not obligatory as many prefer Chess.

  badgery 08:00 28 Mar 2012


I wasn't making any assumptions when I made the reply to you, originally. I clearly said "I may be mistaken, I thought..." and since that have not had any further discussion with you - how can you accuse me of wriggling when this is the first reply you've made to my original post of yesterday?

I may have chosen a word or two badly about 'negotiation' at that time, but I feel my further posts regarding the situation have been correct and clear.

  badgery 08:03 28 Mar 2012


I apologise if I inadvertently gave the wrong impression, as you say debating on a forum is always open to these mistakes. Will maybe need to give up making comments on this forum.

  badgery 08:12 28 Mar 2012


To return to your original post - why do you feel Miliband should condemn the announcement that members have balloted to take strike action, if necessary?

Surely the Union is just relating a result - they have not called a strike yet, have they? Why condemnation is needed for just an announcement defeats me. They called the ballot - because they had to , by law - then tell people the result, and you think a condemnation is required, at that point? Why?

  natdoor 08:38 28 Mar 2012

When are people going to accept that the unions do not fund the Labour party? The "political levy" is a voluntary donation made by individuals which is collected by the unions and passed on. This is no different to individual contributions to the Conservatives, made to local branches. The failure to realise or accept this was the major failing of the recent Kelly report on party funding. He was concerned that the "levy" was on an opt-out basis rather than opt-in. Otherwise his report was reasonable and would have met fourm members' concerns by allocating money on the basis of parliamentary seats held.

  Quickbeam 08:52 28 Mar 2012

I wouldn't worry about the prospect of a drivers strike until we know how they will apply the action.

If it's an every third Thursday in the month but not if it falls on a market day or it's too wet to strike, strike it will be meaningless and affect no-one.

If they do opt for a real all out strike that will cost them money in the pocket and severely restrict their summer finances, kids can't go on day trips, can't pay this months £350 car finance, can't pay this months £600 mortgage or the £50 a month Sky or mobile bill, it won't last many weeks before the ghost of strikes past (aka Scargill), will be haunting their minds.

In '84 people didn't have these financial commitments, they worked for tomorrows bar bill at the miner's welfare and went back on Monday morning to a job that paid way over the national average of many professionals, 'cause they were skint! When they were 3 months into the great strike, they'd got used to the lifestyle of socialising around a brazier at the pit gates moaning about their lot to anyone that was daft enough to listen.

That won't happen again. They are way far better off than many in this current climate, and without even a slight public sympathy, their cause is lost to deaf ears, they will become demons to society.

  Quickbeam 08:57 28 Mar 2012

This morning's paper reported that the panic buying had started already.

This is for the good, as once all the people that buy fuel at a tenner a time for the week have filled their tanks, they won't go to a garage again for a month. In the meantime garages will have full tanks, with less small daily buyers, therefore keeping a fuel reservoir up their sleeves.

  john bunyan 09:28 28 Mar 2012


Re the "political levy". On the Union form, when you join, is there a list of parties, one of which you tick for the levy to go to, or is it that it automatically is levied to the Labour Party unless you opt out? If the latter I imagine peer group pressure means few opt out, so the issue is somewhat distorted.

  carver 09:32 28 Mar 2012

I know this topic has strayed a bit but before you start knocking these drivers think about this, all they want is safer working conditions, or do you want another one of these Buncefield Oil Depot explosions to happen.

These drivers are having to do more in a shorter time and safety is taking a back seat, or are oil company profits the be all and end all and safety can be forgotten about.

  Quickbeam 10:25 28 Mar 2012

The fuel drivers have historically been paid far better, with better all round conditions, handling goods that are far safer to handle than the vast majority of tankered chemicals.

They don't have to don a full head-to-toe protective suit to even start handling the hoses that pump their product, they don't have to have an emergency shower facility outside at the point of pumping in case of an accidental skin slash and they don't have to have an emergency admission to hospital immediately after the skin touch that the lesser paid, lesser conditioned drivers of the real nasty substances carried in road tanks have to handle every day.

Their lot isn't so bad.

Q WTM for an authoritative statement. I believe he still works with the nasties carried in road tanks.

  natdoor 10:30 28 Mar 2012

fourm member

I am glad that you have access to how people vote in a secret ballot. If a union member does not wish to support the Labour party, why does he not opt out? You will say because of intimidation. If that can be proved I would consider it criminal harassment and could soon be prevented by exemplary court action. In any case, I suspect that there are many workers in unionised workplaces who are not union members.

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