Cold weather bad for my credit card

  WhiteTruckMan 00:30 05 Nov 2006

as i use it to scrape ice off my windscreen in the mornings. But seriously, does anyone else have trouble with the longevity of their plastic? I would have thought they would be more durable with the introduction of chip (and pin) but it doesnt seem to be the case with me. Cards seem to last about 4 months, and I wouldnt consider myself a heavy user. replacing them is a pain as well as if they are registered online for anything -such as mobile phone top ups then I have to mess about changing the numbers, etc. Are there many people out there whose cards reach retirement age? or is this a case of them not being made like they used to be?


  BT 08:18 05 Nov 2006

What on earth are you doing with them. My cards last out their life and are used several times a week. Ice scrapers are very cheap if this is what is causing their demise, and just how often do you need to scrape ice? Keeping them loose in your pocket is another cause of premature wearing out. The only time I have had to get a replacement is when a shopkeeper was bending my 'Flexible Friend' while answering his phone and snapped it in half!

  lisa02 08:20 05 Nov 2006

Keep them in a wallet and keep them in a different pocket to your mobile.

  Forum Editor 08:47 05 Nov 2006

and my cards are used fairly heavily - especially when I'm travelling.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:36 05 Nov 2006

was just to attract peoples attention. cards are kept in a wallet (away from phone) yet still degrade. Perhaps I am just unlucky with the people I hand my cards to to insert in various places (!) as normally the damage takes the form of scratches parallel to the long axis of the card(s). this isnt caused by wallet extraction as the scratches would be on the short axis.


  Forum Editor 10:38 05 Nov 2006

if on the magnetic strip, are obviously the result of being swiped through card readers. That shouldn't happen to quite the same extent, now that we're all using chip and PIN readers, although many outlets are using swipe readers.

  season8 13:02 05 Nov 2006

I'm lucky in the fact that i have 2 credit cards, 1 for general spending, food etc and the other for fuel. I also have a company card mainly for buying IT products with and that gets used daily!

  johndrew 13:19 05 Nov 2006

I give up with some people. The `chip` in `chip & pin` does not refer to the resistance of the card to being used as a scraper..............;-)

  johndrew 13:23 05 Nov 2006

Nor does the `pin` mean it should be kept on a cork board with a drawing pin!!!!!

Seriously though the scratches resulting from usage are a pain as eventually - at the most difficult moment - the card wont work. Garages hate it when the fuel is in the tank and `your flexible friend` ceases to be so!!

  spuds 14:20 05 Nov 2006

Not so much as flexible, more like split or crackable. Had two cards (same provider) this year, that both had a slit in them, after short period of usage. Never had this problem before. Luckily the pin and chip was still usable, until replacements were obtained.

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