Coincidental meetings in far flung places, anyone?

  Picklefactory 13:07 08 Jan 2013

A couple of comments in the forum name thread regarding meeting people you know in highly unexpected places, prompted a memory of mine for the same thing. I was a shop floor supervisor at the time at my place of work in Birmingham, and one of operatives on my section was currently off sick and had been for a couple of weeks.

I took a short break to Butlins in Minehead and was happily enjoying a stroll in the sun along the pier, and right at the very end of Minehead pier, there was my missing fella sitting happily fishing with his son. To say he was surprised and rather alarmed to see me is an understatement. I didn't follow through with anything, but surprise, surprise he turned up for work the next Monday.

I'm just curious as I'm sure some of the more well traveled members here have undoubtedly had similar, and possibly more extreme meetings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 08 Jan 2013

Currently heavily involved in training Network Rail's latest Digital radio system (went live 31/12/12)

Sat on on the monument at Cape Cornwall at the end of September chatting to a fellow holiday maker enjoying the view - turns out he was involved with siting all the masts for the project.

Its a small world -

bumped into our old next door neighbours in Sri Lanka a few years ago

Wife used to work in a shop we couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone she knew.

  spuds 13:30 08 Jan 2013

This was possibly one of the reasons television camera teams were asked not to pan audiences at certain events :o)

Over the years, especially in my travelling days, I have met many old associates in far flung unexpected places!.

Yesterday was a typical example of meeting an old colleague who I last saw and spoke to about 14 years ago. They were at the local bus stop, waiting to gain a free lift, after telling me that they had just clocked up 22 years in the police force. How times flies!.

  Bing.alau 13:33 08 Jan 2013

I bump into people I know every day, Trouble is, I can't remember who they are.

  Picklefactory 13:39 08 Jan 2013


Are you in the unexpected place, or are they?


  Forum Editor 13:46 08 Jan 2013

The weirdest meeting ever,for me, actually involved my wife.

We were on a week's holiday in a rented cottage near the sea, and popped into the village pub for a quick bite to eat one evening. It was a last-minute decision, we had planned to drive to a restaurant further away, but couldn't be bothered. The pub was crowded, but I managed to find a table. We ordered our food, and sat down.

Just as the food arrived my wife decided to go to the loo. When she returned and sat down she said 'something odd has just happened'. 'What's the problem?' I asked, and she said 'There's a man over there in the corner, and I'm sure he's my cousin'. I should explain that she hadn't seen her cousin for over thirty years, their lives had taken diverging paths, and had no idea where he was living. I said that I thought she was imagining it, but she said 'I can't rest until I find out, I'm going to talk to him', and off she went.

The man was her cousin, and there was much hugging and tears being shed. He was a recently retired High Court Judge, and the pub was his new local - he and his wife (who was with him) had bought a house in the village, and had moved in (from over 150 miles away)just a week before. Had we not gone to the pub that evening we might never have met.

Since then we have seen the couple on several occasions, and I've listened to hours of catch-up talk between him and my wife. None of us can get over the incredible coincidence that put us all in the same pub that evening.

  wiz-king 13:50 08 Jan 2013

Years ago I sneaked a sickey day off with one of the girls in the typing pool, when we went to lunch at the seaside about 60 miles from work she looked in the mirrored wall of the chippy and found the MD and his secretary eating a couple of tables away. None of us mentioned the meeting!

  Macscouse 14:37 08 Jan 2013

Too many years ago, I was posted to Berlin. My wife (LHO) and myself were invited to a Summer Ball at another unit, and whilst sitting enjoying ourselves, LHO said that she thought she knew that man over there. He was a WO1 in the RAOC, who I had never seen before. LHO gave me his name, and I introduced myself to him, and asked if he was said man. It turned out that they were in the same school together. They had a chat and we met his wife briefly. Fast forward several years later, I was in the local RBL bar, awaiting enrolling. There standing next to me was the same man, who was also enrolling. We agreed to bring our wives to the RBL the next Saturday evening, and thirty years later, those two women are still bestest friends, who meet every week to put the world to rights.

  Pine Man 15:48 08 Jan 2013


I went to SSM today with my wife, HID, we usually go to TSM but, initially. it turned out to be a good move when we met MOB who we hadn't seen for years;-)

  Picklefactory 15:59 08 Jan 2013


I saw Macscouses post as small challenge, being a non military person, I was quietly chuffed that I worked out all the acronyms without any help.


Yours, however, is proving much more challenging. I have some suggestions for them, but I very much doubt they are correct


  sunnypete 18:06 08 Jan 2013

Absolutely, who was B?

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