bloodstone 17:37 17 Apr 2005

I've just received the latest mag ( CD subscriber) I am starting to feel that the content of the CD is being deliberately eroded to coerce people into buying the DVD version. I certainly would not have bought this mag to obtain a DK limited interest program and looking at the DVD content compared to mine I rightly feel disgruntled. Perhaps its time to inspect the opposition.

  Forum Editor 20:00 17 Apr 2005

would we want you to buy the DVD version as opposed to the CD version? The magazine content is the same, and what makes you think you're "rightly" disgruntled?.

By all means inspect the opposition - I hope you'll decide to stay with us.

  Joe R 20:30 17 Apr 2005

bloodstone, I am not a subscriber, but buy P.C.A. every month. (along with PCW).

I buy the cd version,(only 'cause it's cheaper, and normally the cover cd, and the obligatory Tiscali cd are in the shops wastebin.

Only if I am interested in a new utility,(spyware, spam blockers etc) does it get the journey home.

I've been using the same couple of dozen programs for a long number of years now, (upgraded versions of most), and I buy the mags, so that I can keep up with the latest hardware, and the reviews that accompany them.

I know a lot of people use the software, on these cd's and dvd's, but most of the time, it is possible to download either, the same version, or ,an upgraded version from the web.

  Joe R 20:37 17 Apr 2005

Should have added, I go through all the Q&A sections, And enjoy a lot of the columns, like byteback, zygote and consumerwatch.

(Sorry F.E.) my nose has went a funny shade of ochre.

  bloodstone 16:17 18 Apr 2005

Why on earth????????
Extra revenue perhaps!
Good luck to Joe R, he looks before he buys, probably the wisest option, but I pay upfront and take the bad with the good. Maybe not so wise.
If there is no difference to you 'Why on earth' do you advertise upgrades.
It seemed to me that the content of the CD compared to the DVD was rather paltry and uninteresting ( probably where my disgruntle came from ) but, if they are generally binned anyway (not in my case) perhaps there is a case for dropping them altogether or offering three choices, DVD, CD, No disc.
Perhaps the CD is a loss leader. Get the customer through the door then show them the real goodies on the DVD...
Incidentally I do enjoy the mag but on a side issue have noticed Sony products gets very little mention, yet some of their designs are stunning.

  Kate B 17:22 18 Apr 2005

Must admit I rarely even put the CD (if I can get the CD edition - my local Smiths only ever seems to have DVD editions of all the mags) in the computer: I try not to install loads of things that I either use once in a blue moon or not at all. I know we've been around this subject before but I'd prefer no coasters and a lower cover price.

  VoG II 19:14 18 Apr 2005

"I'd prefer no coasters and a lower cover price"

That definitely gets my vote :o)

  Dan the Doctus 19:25 18 Apr 2005

I don't buy newspapers but don't they have free DVDs sometimes? If so, do they have a cheaper non-DVD issue you can buy? Just curious.

  Forum Editor 19:38 18 Apr 2005

You know that nature film about the Wildebeest crossing the river - they know there's something decidely nasty in there, and there's a lot of jostling because nobody wants to be the first to risk it and be grabbed by those seriously scary crodiles?

Substitute magazine publishers for the wildebeest (no offence to publishers intended) and loss of sales for the crocodiles, and there's the answer.

Who can blame either the wildebeest or the publishers?

  james55 21:33 18 Apr 2005

Forum Editor

I am hoping someday a jump will be made, not that I don’t like things as they are. The trouble with magazines when we are finished with them they take up too much space.

My hope for the future is the whole magazine can be downloaded from the Internet.

Ie. For example we subscribe to PCA and then, software protected by a dongle etc. (at a small extra charge initially) allowed us to read it.

The Mag could still offer software that can be downloaded and if we didn't need it then it would at least save waste.

When I buy PCA it is for the content and if there is some thing that I like on the CD, DVD all the better.

Not that it needs telling adverts can then be animated.

  Kate B 00:00 19 Apr 2005

I take your point, FE ... but computers get so clogged up if you install programmes, use them once or twice, decide they're not for you, run the uninstall, which then fails to remove all the shreds of the programme ... I know they're a useful publishing device and that many people like them, but they're not for me.

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