Cod Liver Oil

  iqs 19:26 18 Dec 2009

Just wondering if cod liver oil is best taken in liquid form or capsule?.
It was a topic of conversation while playing snooker the other night

  bremner 19:28 18 Dec 2009
  morddwyd 19:29 18 Dec 2009

Take it in liquid form and you'll be "repeating" it for hours, and breathing it over everybody.

Capsules for me.

  Forum Editor 19:30 18 Dec 2009

although a capsule might be safer. It's possible to take too much Cod liver oil, and as a result you may overdose on vitamin A and vitamin D - both of which are toxic if taken in large quantities.

  iqs 19:44 18 Dec 2009

Thanks for the replies.I said capsules were better then liquid,just because I remember(not fondly)when I was little, being given two spoon fulls before bed,not one of my better childhood memories.

  johndrew 19:47 18 Dec 2009

Wonderful stuff!! Great for joints along with glucosamine.

My wife says even the capsules repeat on her; as a result we keep them in the freezer and swallow them in the `frozen` (well very cold anyway) state. No problems with `repeating` now!!

  canarieslover 20:57 18 Dec 2009

Having taken cod liver oil daily for the last thirty years I prefer to take liquid in a small glass of milk. For convenience, and deference to other people who need to come within sniffing range, I have gone down the capsule route for the last ten of these years. I'm not totally convinced about how good it is for the joints as I am looking at needing knee replacements in the not too distant future, but I do sometimes wonder how bad they would be if I wasn't taking it.

  Terry Brown 21:06 18 Dec 2009

I have been taking Cod Liver Oil (capsuls) and Vitamin D (you need both for the Cod Liver Oil to work effectivly), due to an accident at work when I was young and now I have Artheris and rhumatism is various parts of my body.

I believe that if I had not been taking Cod Liver Oil on a daily basis, my problems would be worse than they are now.

Proof- None, Belief - plenty.

I look at it as an Insurance policy you may never need the benefits, but !!.


  peter99co 21:16 18 Dec 2009

I bought a container of Cod Liver Oil with 365 capsules and take one each morning.

I have managed to cut out medication prescribed by the doctor for my Arthritis for some time now.

  dukeboxhero 21:43 18 Dec 2009

iqs, in Glasgow we have a song for Cod Liver Oil
click here
I think i would stick to the capsules, Remember my mother covered in it trying to give me a spoonfull of it.

  Forum Editor 23:14 18 Dec 2009

There's no scientific evidence that Cod liver oil has the slightest beneficial effect on bone joints, but there's no harm in believing it does.

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