Cockroaches and classrooms

  peter99co 17:34 23 Aug 2010

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If we could treat our drug dealers like this would it work?

"The sheriff has bragged that it costs more to feed the guard dogs than the prisoners he oversees."

All wishful thinking I suppose.

  Quickbeam 17:48 23 Aug 2010

They'd probably just start a thriving fake cochineal racket instead.

  lotvic 18:54 23 Aug 2010

I was visiting relatives just outside Phoenix in 2006 and remember being told about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Pink Underwear prisoners had to wear.
Was told a lot more of the horrific conditions there as well. A tough Jail. The attitude was if you don't like the punishment don't do the crime.

  Quickbeam 18:56 23 Aug 2010

What's the betting that the fake cochineal is the reason for wishy washy pink underwear die...?

  ronalddonald 11:21 24 Aug 2010

im glad he's doing something useful rather some people who just brag and don't do nothing. Jail is jail and im glad he's humiliating the prisoners hopefully they learn not to mess.

The police and sheriff have been known to kick some criminals in the ribs and some prisoners have had broken ribs but they learnt not to steal cars because of the broke rib.

We are a nation of softies towards criminals.

  Forum Editor 17:46 24 Aug 2010

because of the broke rib."

Must be about the daftest statement I've heard in a very long time. Arizona has the fourth highest rate of car theft in the whole of America.

  timsmith259 01:34 25 Aug 2010

I was watching worlds wildest Police chases one of those car police chases on TV the other day.

the guy speeding once stopped by the police by using their techniques, one of the officers broke his rib by kneeing into his chest whilst he got down on the ground.

As a result the driver or suspect came on tv to say he wouldn't be stealing cars again because of the broken rib.

He had learnt his lesson and hasn't as a result stolen another vehicle. He goes around telling this to others to stop if it helps them to stop stealing, speeding in cars. When he was detained in prison he couldn't lay down flat he had to sit up even when sleeping. That what he could remember whilst in prison.

But it doesn't mean all cops go around kneeling people in the ribs and not all crooks change because of a broken rib

  peter99co 20:02 25 Aug 2010

Was his name Adam?

  lotvic 22:38 25 Aug 2010

that will be lost on timsmith259 (latest alias of ronalddonald)

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