coastal sea fishing

  sunnystaines 15:34 08 May 2013

never done fishing was thinking about getting a rod and going to a quiet rocky cove on the south coast and try fishing as a new hobby.

but do edible fish come close enough to get caught these days. I can remember very long time ago as a young boy seeing people fishing of sea walls and piers but not seen anyone do this for ages.

  Forum Editor 16:32 08 May 2013

"do edible fish come close enough to get caught these days."

Oh yes. Go to Portland Bill for a spot of great rock fishing. You can eat pretty well anything you catch, but you wouldn't enjoy some of them very much.

Have a good read here about that and other things before you start. and then browse this

I'm a keen freshwater angler, but I've done a bit of rock fishing, and it was very enjoyable. Safety first is the key thing with rock fishing.

Have fun.

  Woolwell 17:42 08 May 2013

Do watch the tides and the weather forecast. Strong waves have been known to knock shore fishermen into the sea.

Fishing around the shoreline is done right around the SW of England. Portland and Chesil Beach have a good number of anglers. Most harbour walls and breakwaters have anglers but don't take their favourite spot or let your dog (if you have one) eat their bait which one of my dogs did.

If you are in the Plymouth area then the Mount Batten breakwater is used extensively for fishing perhaps due to the nearby pub.

  Woolwell 18:11 08 May 2013

Jock1e - An area of sea which gets water run off from fields with a lot of nitrates or farm manure or faulty sewerage is probably much more of a problem than a nuclear power station.

  TopCat® 18:41 08 May 2013

The weather is forecast to be on the turn during the latter part of this week, with strong winds giving rise to big waves. I should definitely heed what Woolwell says about the tides and weather forecasts.

Too many anglers of late have been washed away by the unnoticed larger waves that will come, so make sure you fish vigilently and safely.

Tight lines as they say! :) TC.

  sunnystaines 19:13 08 May 2013

fe thanks good links, thanks everyone else too won't be trying for a few months yet, i now know its worth trying from the feedback.

only ever been rod fishing once when i was 12 catching perch in the thames. Here in staines river fishing is popular because of all the pike and many other fish but never thought it worth while as they are not edible. Always eaten a lot of fish prefer it to meat, my fav being butterfish.

  Aitchbee 19:17 08 May 2013

I 'reeled in' a couple of tiddlers this atternoon - cockles 'n' mussels - cooked and pickled ... 'produced in Denmark' and packaged in Bristol ... it says so on the jars. I've never tried 'em, but will make a [tasty]change.

  Woolwell 19:20 08 May 2013

Aitchbee - Thank you for your irrelevant insight into your dietary habits.

  Aitchbee 19:24 08 May 2013

Woolwell, don't mention it.

  csqwared 19:46 08 May 2013


Pike not edible?!!


They are a bit bony - a bit like mackerel but absolutely delicious.

  morddwyd 20:50 08 May 2013

"Probably best staying away from any area with an Atomic power station."

On the contrary, the warm water near such places leads to good feeding and bigger fish.

"Pike not edible?"

Baked with gooseberry stuffing, one of the few fish dishes which I would have from choice.

It's a dirty feeder, which always makes good eating.

Pike are widely available in Dutch fish markets.

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