Clutha Helicopter Crash Raises More Questions

  oresome 12:05 23 Oct 2015

We've known for some time that both engines cut out due to fuel starvation yet there was a limited amount of fuel on board.

The final report states that fuel pumps were switched off, making the remaining fuel unusable and that a warning of low fuel giving 10 minutes flying time was activated for 16 minutes prior to the crash.

It must be very upsetting and frustrating for those affected by the tragedy not to have clearer answers as to why this happened.

  Aitchbee 12:43 23 Oct 2015

I don't have anything constructive to add except to say that The Clutha has reopened and it's business-as-usual at Glasgow's most famous pub.

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  Ungus 13:29 23 Oct 2015

Without flight recorders it may well be that we will never know the cause of the tragedy, not much consolation for those who lost loved ones. But Glasgow people as a whole are very robust and the city will move on and continue to be the best city in the world.

  Forum Editor 13:42 23 Oct 2015

I've been reading the official report. There was no flight recorder, but some information was recorded in non-volatile memory in the helicopter's flight systems. In the 'Findings' section the report says this:-

"The low fuel warnings were triggered during the flight, and it was estimated that this occurred before the helicopter reached Bothwell. 9. The low fuel warning audio attention-getters were acknowledged five times. 10. It was calculated that the helicopter did not land within 10 minutes of the activation of a continuous low fuel warning, as stipulated in the Pilot’s Checklist Emergency and Malfunction Procedures. 11. ATC was not advised of any problem with the helicopter. 12. Both engines flamed out due to fuel starvation, about 32 seconds apart, as the helicopter was returning to Glasgow City Heliport. 13. The single engine emergency shutdown checklist was not completed following the first engine flameout. "

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