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  Bingalau 22:04 27 Jul 2008

The membership of our club is diminishing fast, the non smoking ban has really hit the takings and we now have the threat of having to close. More members would be a godsend of course and maybe a reduction in the price of beer etc. But also maybe the introduction of new activities would help.

Can anybody on the forum suggest an activity that would help. I'm thinking that if twenty or so people can throw an idea in to the middle at least one of them could be the answer to our dwindling coffers. It is of course an ex-service people's club and most of the members are in the pensioners age bracket. So mountaineering type activities are out, but then again maybe not because a couple of us recently did an abseil for charity.

  spuds 22:51 27 Jul 2008

I do not want to sound like a destroyer of faith, but around my neck of the woods, and especially over the past 2 years, many old established pubs and clubs have been forced to close. Even the British Legion had serious finance problems,and was forced to close. But it was recently reopened again, after a massive refurbishment program by a local Asian businessman, who as let the old member continue to have use of the premises.Of the rest,most tried various ideas and schemes, but they just couldn't get new, especially young people involved.

The only suggestion that I could make,if your premises are big enough, is to try hiring out of your rooms for other events, like boxing, weddings, exhibitions, perhaps even a weekly curry night etc.

  Brumas 23:11 27 Jul 2008

How about setting up a Mastermind evening? Each person could choose his or her own specialist subject and Military/Regimental History would replace the General Knowledge.
This could be run over several weeks with the highest scoring member advancing into the next competition culminating in a Grand Final???

I do realise of course that you will have to make the questions a little simpler e,g. Name Rank and Number for the ex-bootnecks but there you go ;o))

  birdface 07:21 28 Jul 2008

Our club is much the same nearly all pensioners.Thats enough to frighten any young ones from joining.years ago you had to wait about an hour to get a game of pool now you can go straight on at times.Bands are getting to expensive to book.How about getting some Pole Dancers in.I bet that would get the customers back.Or maybe a weekly poker competition.Darts and dominoes gets the players in but does not get much support nowadays.We used to have lots of young folk in our club but for some reason they no longer want to join.Nowadays it is much cheaper to drink at home and of course you can have a smoke at the same time.And of course if the developers get wind that you may be in financial trouble they will not be long knocking it down and building new houses on the site.Maybe make it easier for new customers to join.Maybe advertise in the local paper that you are open for new members.Anyhow the best of luck I hope you manage to keep your club open

  tullie 08:16 28 Jul 2008

We have tried everything at my local club,nothing works,im afraid its a sign of the times.The smoking ban hasent helped,but the industry has been going downhill for a few years.

  birdface 08:23 28 Jul 2008

Or try the old method as the club is normally fairly empty in the mornings and early nights you could Knock 50 pence a pint off between 11am and 1pm and 6pm to 8pm with the hope that they will stay where they are when it is finished.Worth a try I suppose.Our club is 50 pence a pint cheaper than the pub next door but all the young ones drink in there.Your club is probably the same as mine most of the ones that run the club are stuck in the past and only want to put entertainment on that suits the pensioners that go there.Maybe time to ask the younger generation what they would like to do to make the club more profitable.

  Bingalau 09:58 28 Jul 2008

Thank you all for your suggestions so far, I will add them to my list to take to our next meeting later this week. Yes, we do realise we are not the only club with problems. Our main one seems to be that we are all dying off. It is nearly impossible to get ex-Royal Navy or Royal Marines to join as they marry girls in the area they are stationed namely places like Pompey and Plymouth, then settle in those areas. Good job they don't settle in the area Brumas lives as I would send a big Bootneck round to duff him up a bit.... But don't worry Brumas I will get you!!! Some of the suggestions so far have already been tried of course, such as varying the price of beer. But it only has a minor effect.

  spuds 11:29 28 Jul 2008

Dare I say, isn't the government already considering the banning of the 'Happy Hour', if so, then thats another nail in the coffin and a non starter. The same seems to be said about drink measurement, and the reduction of quantities. If these regulations do come to force, then its likely to increase the 'have a drink at home' brigade.

Recently there was a documentary on television about an old and previously very successful working mans club, that was having hard times. The problem there was the old established committee members were living in a time warp.Everything that was suggested, seemed to have caused more confusion, even to saving electricity by changing light bulbs and switching non essential lights and heating off.

Even a new committee member who had some knowledge of business practises, wanted to try various things for improvement, including off loading for a better return some shares the club held. The end result, he resigned.

  Quickbeam 12:27 28 Jul 2008

A local pub near us is doing well with a weekly 'jam' session, just roll up with an instrument and play/sing. Another in town is getting young inexperienced local bands playing for free, 4 or 5 a night. The bands get to showcase themselves and face a live audience for the first time, the pub is packed and makes money.

Whatever you do, you have to appeal to a younger age group, which will undoubtedly have older members moaning, "it's too loud, it's not for us, it's outrageous, it's"... But the times, they are a changin'.

  birdface 13:19 28 Jul 2008

Quiz night maybe.Quickbeam's solution looks promising.

  Bingalau 14:00 28 Jul 2008

Please keep the ideas coming folks, every little helps. I will compile a list later of all the ideas and maybe they will come in handy for other clubs in dire straits.

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