Up in the CLOUDs or down in the Dumps?

  caccy 17:01 30 Jul 2015

I have a programme that uses the "Cloud" to hold data that can be synchronisd amongst our computers and tablets at home. But what happens if the "Cloud" operator goes bust? Am I then in the "Dumps" with no access to my data?

  Forum Editor 17:37 30 Jul 2015

The short answer to that is yes, but in reality there would be another company to take over, and your files would be fine.

In the worst case scenario you would get some warning before the power to the servers was disconnected, so you would be able to download your files.

  Gordon Freeman 17:44 30 Jul 2015

As FE advises, I wouldn't be overly concerned, but if you are, why not have your own 'cloud' i.e. a NAS? I have one from WD (WDMyCloud) which gives me 4tb data storage, and you can set areas for other users with own access via password protection. No, I'm not advertising & don't work for WD, just passing on my own experience. There are other brands available.

  caccy 21:11 04 Aug 2015

A little late but thank you for your assistance.

  Quickbeam 21:57 04 Aug 2015

Am I right in thinking that the files That I store on Onedrive are on my computer as well as syncing to the cloud, to in turn sync with another computer? And then be on that hard drive too...

  Pine Man 14:37 05 Aug 2015


Yes you are right that the files you store on OneDrive remain on your computer as well as being stored on the cloud. As far as being on the hard drive of the other computer you are in sync with - I am not sure. I always manually download the files to my 'other' computer but I might try to sync it and see what happens.

  Quickbeam 07:50 06 Aug 2015

Thanks Pine Man, so effectively I've got two backups to hand plus the One Drive.

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