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  Odeono 17:51 09 Oct 2008

Is it just me that thinks that the latest fad to hit our pockets is the NEW idea that some server 10,000 miles from your own home is better than using the £1,000 brick in the corner. With all the security concerns about privacy and wether the government regularly snoop into every part of your life, is the world really going to jump on this bandwagon and give money and control of our data to some company that will then give away our data and secrets to whomever finds a "JUSTIFIABLE" reason to request it. Paranoia is not the belief that somebody is out to get you, its the belief that everybody is out to get you.
Being paranoid about the "NANNY STATE" is a survival trait, especially for people who have nothing to hide.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 09 Oct 2008

Keep taking the pills as I have no idea what you are on about.


  Pineman100 18:51 09 Oct 2008

I suspect that Odeono is on about online software and webmail.

As regards webmail, I can't see that this is any more or less "secret" than using a local email client. It still passes through an ISP's server.

As regards online software, I suppose your attiditude depends on whether you think your tifflings are going to be of the remotest interest to anyone else. I know that mine wouldn't.

  Odeono 18:52 09 Oct 2008

You're lack of understanding is because you don't listen before you speak. CLOUD computing is a NEW way of using the internet to run ALL your programs on a server rather than the expensive brick you have in the corner of your bedroom called a PERSONAL computer. This will allow companys and the government to track any and all info they wish to from any computer in the world. If the computer companies force it down our throats like Microsoft with VISTA then Big Brother is watching you will be a fact and not a piece of fiction.
Wisdom is knowing when to speak and not speaking when you dont know, unless to ask a question.

  Odeono 19:03 09 Oct 2008

Pineman100 is correct in my failure to understand that some may not know about CLOUD computing and that they may not have connected the SUBJECT and TITLE of this post to the actual query in the post. My main concern is that wether my ideas or work product may not be that important to the world at large, having someone else decide one way or the other could lead to misunderstanding or confusion about why I am researching police corruption or MPs expenses and because the Government has shown so much restraint in the past about snooping where they are not wanted I could end up in jail or as a "NON-Person" in Guantanamo Bay.

  Pine Man 19:12 09 Oct 2008

'You're lack of understanding is because you don't listen before you speak'

Your inability to properly describe what you actually meant for the benefit of those without your perception is no justification for rudeness!

Congratulations to Pineman100 for making sense out of it;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:15 09 Oct 2008

I worry more about the availability of real ale.

'I could end up in jail or as a "NON-Person" in Guantanamo Bay'..if only.....


  Odeono 19:21 09 Oct 2008

Thanks for the constructive critiscm of my point and the veiled desire to have me join the other "Innocents" sent to a death camp, sorry, no inmates have died in Guantanamo Bay yet have they. They have been beaten, starved, sexually abused, had photographs of abuse posted on the net. After all the Intelligence Services have Jailed, Convicted and then Sentenced them. In that order. Based partly on info taken from their web usage.

  Pine Man 19:21 09 Oct 2008

'I worry more about the availability of real ale.'

That is easily understood and definitely much, much more serious!

  lofty29 19:22 09 Oct 2008

perhaps I misread you, but are you saying you would like to end up in jail or guantanamo bay

  Pine Man 19:27 09 Oct 2008

'are you saying you would like to end up in jail or guantanamo bay'

Wherever the real ale is I guess!

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