A closed mouth gathers no foot

  octal 20:08 14 Jul 2009

Maybe our London Mayor should take heed, that's made him come across as arrogant. Then he starts backtracking saying he gives a substantial amount to charity, I think he needs to put his brain in gear before spouting forth.

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I would like to earn a tenth of his chicken feed in wages.

  oresome 20:42 14 Jul 2009

Nice work if you can get it.

I now buy one newspaper per week, so contribute little to any journalists salary, over inflated or not.

It does make you realise why many in public office feel underpaid, if they can clock up this sum of money quickly on a Sunday morning in their spare time.

I'd be tempted to put in the odd Saturday morning and chuck in the Mayors job.

  Armchair 20:52 14 Jul 2009

It would take someone on minimum wage (40 hour week, £5.73 an hour, less deductions) about twenty four years to earn that. "Chicken feed"..........

  octal 21:15 14 Jul 2009

That puts it into prospective, and don't forget, this is not for his day job. Don't get me wrong, more power to a person that can do that, it was just the arrogant way he came out with it on the news this evening. If he said something along the lines of 'yes it is a lot of money, but I do give a lot of that to charity' then it wouldn't have been as bad. I noticed the guy interviewing him leapt on that comment :)

  Grey Goo 09:41 15 Jul 2009

Boris leaves other people to fill in the gaps in his clipped way of speaking. I presume he was commenting on the ratio of his earnings to some others in the Banking community or even the BBC.

This strategy is dangerous as the gaps can be filled in to suit the other person's agenda. It also presumes that others have the wit to follow his train of thought.

  Toneman 10:38 15 Jul 2009

Presumably he composes during the sermon to avoid nodding off...

  jakimo 11:36 15 Jul 2009

Be fair now,he`s just making sure that his house wont have to be sold off if he`s ever taken into care with dementia

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