A close shave

  Quickbeam 18:45 09 Apr 2010

I've just had the first decent shave in weeks.

WOW, I see you're all thinking... Yes, Morrisons stopped selling Palmolive shaving soap in the toothpaste container, and several weeks ago I had to start using up the supply of Christmas gift toiletries that we all accumulate in the bathroom and don't use because it's not the normal brand.

I used the Wilkinson Sword traditional barbers lather, that didn't lather well, a trendy Gillette foam with 'fusion' & 'hydragel' written on the can, but was like trying to brush on rapidly expanding foam that filled the bathroom sink before the razor was gotten out, lather from an ordinary soap bar, that gives a coefficient of friction similar to sandpaper. But today I remembered while passing a chemist (I'd kept forgetting for weeks) to pop in for the Palmolive soap.

What heaven... there's nothing like a good close shave to make you feel good!

Well it's more interesting than the political threads:)

  canarieslover 19:15 09 Apr 2010

What we are all dying to know is did it bring you any other benefits???????

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:31 09 Apr 2010

I now have a beard!

  jakimo 19:38 09 Apr 2010

cant wait for the next episode

  Quickbeam 19:58 09 Apr 2010

Of Brown Vs Cameron or shampoos?

  morddwyd 20:03 09 Apr 2010

"Well it's more interesting than the political threads:)"

That's only your opinion!

Let's get on to tinned tomatoes, really gripping stuff!

  bri-an 20:07 09 Apr 2010

Catching mice was starting to bother me, it was becoming a 'tinned tomatoes' parallel!

  sunnystaines 08:37 10 Apr 2010

thinking of your reply cameroun looks like he uses shampoo and brown syrup but in reality may be just brylcream.

  Brumas 12:47 10 Apr 2010

I can remember thirty ages ago, having a particularly bad rash on my chin, asking my wife if she would mind me growing a beard so as to alleviate the necessity of my shaving.
She wasn't too keen on the idea, as my handsome, rugged, film star good looks - her words, honest injun ;o}} - would be hidden from her adoring gaze under a layer of facial fungus.
I grew the beard, my rash disappeared and,to tell you the truth, I was getting fed up of the damn thing and was more than ready to shave it off.

"Oh, don't shave it off it suits you now and I have become quite used to it"

Yes,I still have the beard and I too have become accustomed to it!

Talking of shaving gear, I can remember being sent to the shops in the 50s by my Dad to get a packet of Seven O' Clock razor blades - he swore by them and wouldn't use any others!

  Cymro. 13:09 10 Apr 2010

In my younger days I used to shave once every day and sometimes twice a day at weekends and all this with shaving gel and razor. I never did manage to get a comfortable close shave. Now that I am older and have long since given up chasing the girls I only shave some five times a week giving my face a rest a couple of days a week. I now get a better shave than I ever did when young. Perhaps it pays to give your face a rest from the constant friction of shaving all the time and in fact just not try too hard.

  Joseph Kerr 13:13 10 Apr 2010

Thought this was going to be a thread about a car being narrowly missed by a train or somesuch.

ive had two beards already this year. but not at the same time. they just werent as i imagined so i got rid (indeed, only the 1st was intentional, the second was laziness).

personally i use gillete fusion power razor and blades, and any old gel (but usually gillette). See, im original like that.

thinking about treating myself to a proper poncey razor from somewhere like Mankind click here.

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