Clock Times

  laurie53 20:11 15 Jul 2008

Where does "Forum Time" come from?

I just posted at 19.56, by both my PC and my radio clock, but the the post time shows 20.06.

  peter99co 20:18 15 Jul 2008

It shows a post @ 20.11 to me

  Coffee Adict 20:23 15 Jul 2008

It was showing 20:11 when I read it at 20:06.

Did that make sense? I feel this could go round in circles.

  laurie53 20:28 15 Jul 2008

It was another thread, not this one.

I note that my PC time and my "home" time are now the same so it was obviously a temporary thing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:48 15 Jul 2008

Are you sending messages to the future or are we receiving messages from the future?

Or another Microsoft "update" problem.


  interzone55 20:59 15 Jul 2008

As I press Post on this reply my radio controlled clock & PC are both showing 20:59 lets see what's on the forum time

  interzone55 21:00 15 Jul 2008

Perhaps your other post slipped through a wormhole into the future...

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