Classic Rock Bands from the past play again!!

  Roadgiant 23:30 12 Jan 2010

I know there are other users like me on these forums who enjoy classic rock bands of the 70's & 80's and wonder if people are aware of the line up that is shaping up to play at the Highvoltage event in London on July 24/25th in London?
Allready confirmed are:-

ELP, Argent, Bachman Turner Overdrive, ZZ Top Foreigner, Uriah Heap, Marillion, Asia, Focus, Steve Hackett, Heaven & Hell, and Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash with more names to be announced!

They haven't really started publicising this event much yet (a friend of my son's is working on the website to be launched early Feb), but I'm sure that when they do tickets will go fast

Personally I think it's one heck of a lineup already, we've booked our tickets and hotel today. I don't think my flares and Kaftan are still in the bottom of my wardrobe and even if they are probably wont fit my waistline and I certainly haven't got enough hair left for a Hendrix style Afro like I used to have! .

Hope this is some interest to people out there who would like to recall the old days.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:42 12 Jan 2010

Ye gods and little fishes...I'm going.


  IClaudio 23:47 12 Jan 2010

Count me in! Wishbone Ash, brilliant! Time was, Blowin' Free... I can sing every word :)

  DANZIG 23:47 12 Jan 2010

Sounds 'rocktabulous' to quote Smashey and Nicey!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:49 12 Jan 2010

I recently saw Stackridge in Cheltenhsm. Where's me flares, desert boots and paisley shirt?

  IClaudio 23:53 12 Jan 2010

Admit it, you were wearing them at the weekend :0

  IClaudio 23:55 12 Jan 2010

click here

seems to be up already Roadgiant

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:55 12 Jan 2010

Hells bells and buckets of blood, the first 'supergroup' I ever saw (at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester) ELP are there as well. I have entered a state of rapture.


  m800afc 07:30 13 Jan 2010

I saw zzTop a couple or three years ago in Liverpool, part of the Summer Proms Season. I was really disappointed. They have turned into their own tribute band. There was no passion, no "fire down below". They wore over-sized fur stetsons and knee length fur ponchos. They looked like Cousin It, on mescaline.
On the other hand there is a band called the Hamsters, who do a ZZTop set who sound much better than the originals. They also do a Hendrix set which has to be seen and heard to be believed. Chas Chandler, Hendrix's one time manager, opines that the Hamsters are the best Hendrix band he has ever heard.
Find them here:

click here

(P.S. i'm not connected with the band, just a fan)

  aquatarkus 07:57 13 Jan 2010

Brilliant, ELP playing again, Oh to see Keith Emerson in full flight, and we get the best drum solo as well.

Booking my tickets asap


  bremner 08:39 13 Jan 2010

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...

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