interzone55 17:24 30 Aug 2011

What's your opinion of Chuggers, Charity Muggers, who accost people in town centres asking for donations.

Chorley Council are the latest to try to regulate these people after complaints from shoppers, businesses and smaller charities who can't afford to pay large numbers of staff a commission to sign people up to monthly direct debit donations...

  lotvic 18:31 30 Aug 2011

I would never give my details to anyone on the street.

  Armchair 19:14 30 Aug 2011

They get short shrift. Fortunately there aren't any at the indoor shopping centre I usually patronise, so I rarely encounter such people.

  Admiral Allstar 23:40 30 Aug 2011

When I used to work in the City there would be a different set every day. They would be there at bank tube station, Moorgate M&S etc etc. After the first few polite "No" I got fed up of their colleague asking the same question 10 feet along. I now ignore them and for those that jump in front of me trying to get me to stop - well I dont and they sometimes fall over backwards.

Whilst the cause may be good they are very overdue for regulation.

  morddwyd 09:56 31 Aug 2011

Not yet come across one of these.

I think, like others, I would keep going. As I'm often on a mobility scooter this might be a deterrent even at 3mph pavement speeds!

  Covergirl 21:42 31 Aug 2011

What gets up my nose are the boy scouts / sea cadets / schoolkids offering to pack your bag at the checkout. Thanks but no thanks.

It's difficult to say no when they're stood there, bags ready. All endorsed / approved by the supermarket.

  Armchair 09:58 01 Sep 2011

What gets up my nose are the boy scouts / sea cadets / schoolkids offering to pack your bag at the checkout. Thanks but no thanks.

That's one of the reasons I use self service checkouts whenever possible.

  Autoschediastic 12:45 01 Sep 2011

When i go shopping and these people are out i kinda find "SOME" of them like Dracula's! They have a certain type of person they look for (Or it would seem) i tend to put my mobile to my ear and talk Spanish that works ALL the time!

I have nothing against what most of them are doing i just get sick of "Market Researchers" Charity workers and all the rest of them sucking for money!

I dont have a lot of money and we are struggling so when someone i dont know asks me for some of my money its NOT that i am greedy its that we need every penny we have and i feel obliged with these people so to stop myself feeling awefull i simply walk past them in the manor ive mentioned above..

But then its like any so called Cold Callers too i dont welcome any of them..

  finerty 13:56 02 Sep 2011

simple stop all direct debits if they want money then let people donate through banks or post offices.

  Aitchbee 17:27 02 Sep 2011

I sometimes give these 'poor people' my loose change, 1p's 'n' 2p's. The 'silverware' is for my own use...being just one step up.

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