Christmas oh no not turkey again.

  bumpkin 17:32 28 Nov 2013

I wonder why people still buy turkey for their Christmas dinner. A bland tasteless bird that few people buy or eat any other time of the year. Come Christmas when the price is hiked right up everyone buys it WHY?

  hssutton 18:39 28 Nov 2013

Not everyone Bumpkin I had lamb last year and will have lamb again this year, but I do agree with the rest of your post. Having said that my wife and daughter will as usual be eating turkey.

  chub_tor 19:30 28 Nov 2013

No turkey for us this year or for the past 30 years since we became vegetarians. Go on try it, you know that you want to.....

  morddwyd 19:38 28 Nov 2013

Lot of rubbish talaked about the "traditional" turkey.

It's only become "traditional", in very recent times as an import from North American Thanksgiving.

The traditional Christmas bird was a chicken (which if properly raised still takes some beating) for flavour with a capon for the slightly better off, and a goose for the gentry.

  bumpkin 20:12 28 Nov 2013

Roast beef, lamb or chicken would suit me, don't think I could do the total veggie thing even though I like roast veg. If the family want turkey because it is "traditional" then I will have to suffer it as I can't really expect my wife to cook 2 different dinners on Xmas day. and yes I do help before anyone brings that up.

  Aitchbee 20:56 28 Nov 2013

I always receive a bagful of traditional turkey meat [uneaten leftovers] from the Christmas Day dinner at my sister's house to take home on Christmas Night. I then [on the 26th], invariably make a lovely Boxing Day breakfast, dinner & lunch - Turkey vindaloo, Turkey madras, Turkey curry, etc. etc. etc.

  Aitchbee 21:03 28 Nov 2013

... makes a most welcome change from chicken!

  bumpkin 22:13 28 Nov 2013

Aitchbee, I then [on the 26th], invariably make a lovely Boxing Day breakfast, dinner & lunch - Turkey vindaloo, Turkey madras, Turkey curry, etc. etc. etc.

Don't forget some soup.

  Quickbeam 00:17 29 Nov 2013

I rarely have turkey for Christmas. This year it'll be a medley of roast venison, roast gammon and roast guinea fowl with roast vegetables. I like to get my monies worth out of heating the oven up... maybe I should also have roast christmas pudding and roast custard:)

  Quickbeam 00:19 29 Nov 2013

...not to forget the roast soup.

  BT 08:41 29 Nov 2013

Why is it that people want to make Curries with left over turkey. It doesn't matter how much spice you put in it the original taste comes through with an overwhelming flavour.

The only thing to do with cold turkey is make sandwiches, with mustard, served with pickles on the side. I think I enjoy that more than the Christmas dinner. We don't buy a whole turkey. Its hard to carve, hard to find space in the fridge to keep the remains of it after the main event, and hard to think of uses for it. We have a Turkey Breast joint from our local butcher, which has a much better taste than the supermarket offerings, and as it has no bones its easy to slice and find space for in the fridge, and it only lasts a couple of days.

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