Christmas Cards

  Pamy 15:17 13 Dec 2008

OK guys and gals, when do you actually give your partner a Christmas card?

Days before Christmas or Christmas morning, or do you post it or not at all?

  The Brigadier 15:25 13 Dec 2008

Gave my wife hers yesterday.
The children all got theirs over the last week.

  DANZIG 16:00 13 Dec 2008

My other half gets hers the day after I buy it.

...generally the 25th!

  Pine Man 16:04 13 Dec 2008

By agreement we don't get each other Christmas Cards.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:05 13 Dec 2008

I never send Xmas cards and instead I donate £50 to charity (National Star College this year)as I feel that this is more in keeping with the 'Xmas spirit' of giving. I fail to see the point in sending expensive cards that are thrown away 6 days after Xmas but each to their own. I also encourag friends to refrain from sending cards but to buy a copy of The Big Issue instead of buying a card for me.


  jack 16:23 13 Dec 2008

I never send Christmas Cards, though my late did.
Those I get now will not be responded too- indeed- judging by the scrawled signatures on some of this stuff I would not know who it is from- I can imagine the person sitting, with a list and boxes of cards feverishly dashing them off-
The whole thing like Mothers/Fathers day etc., is just another commercial rip off.
Therefore money to where it is most useful.
This year and all others to the Ellenor Hospice Foundation

  IClaudio 16:33 13 Dec 2008

but I send very few cards. After all, I spend a couple of pounds on a card and send it to someone who then spends a couple of pounds on a card to send back to me. A bit pointless really...

And the mechanics of the thing means that one of the parties is embarrassed because they didn't get their card in the post first. And the other is embarrassed at having embarrassed the other.

Don't get me started on Round Robins :(

  IClaudio 16:35 13 Dec 2008

always send (give, actually) one to Mrs IClaudio. If I didn't, I'd have to stay out of the kitchen while she was stuffing the Turkey :)

  Pamy 16:38 13 Dec 2008

IClaudio, so when and how do you present her card?

  interzone55 17:26 13 Dec 2008

I give Mrs alan14 her card on Christmas morning, along with her present.

Same for birthday and valentines cards...

  Pamy 17:38 13 Dec 2008

alan14, could that be too much info

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