Christmas "Boxes"

  morddwyd 09:36 05 Dec 2009

When I was a boy it was not unusual to give various tradesmen - baker, milkman, postie etc - a small cash gift at Christmas, a Christmas Box it was known locally.

It was never very much, there wasn't much around, just a token.

Many of these `have now disappeared, but I was just wondering if it still goes on, particularly in rural areas, to any great extent?

I do normally still give the dustmen a couple of quid for a pint, mainly because they are quite helpful over the year, but that's about all.

  Forum Editor 09:58 05 Dec 2009

to the postman and the milkman - both of whom provide us with a superb service, come rain or shine, all year round.

We're forbidden to offer the refuse collectors anything by order of the local authority.

  simonjary 10:25 05 Dec 2009

We give the servants the day off!

  Hercule Marple 10:43 05 Dec 2009

Nah. They're already well paid, and in the case of binmen, you're already paying them through your council tax.

  Brumas 10:50 05 Dec 2009

We always treat our Postman and the binmen because they continue to provide a good and friendly service, we call each other by our first names only, I suppose because we live in a small village.

  Chegs ®™ 11:02 05 Dec 2009

I used to deliver milk (4am start) when I was 14yrs old.We were given a "christmas box" by most of our customers.These days,its rare to see anyone having milk delivered(we certainly dont)and I dont see paperboys/girls either although I deliver a free newspaper once a week(several years ago,the paperboy decided to steal my motorcycle from outside my house,and smash it up and I havent seen any other paper delivery people since)When we first moved to this house we knew the postman(I was at school with him)and gave him a gift,but by the following year he'd been moved to a different "round" and his replacements are surly,regularly leave the gate open allowing our dog to escape etc so we dont feel the need to reward him for these reasons.

  Cymro. 11:18 05 Dec 2009

The tradition of giving a "Christmas Box" is like tipping something of a minefield at the best of times. If someone goes out of their way to do their job in a more friendly/officiant way than usual then it is nice to show once appreciation with a little gift at Christmas.

Such things have become part of their earnings for some people and with the low paid probably quite an important part. With some very personal services such as health carers who call on their clients at home it is particularly nice to show once appreciation.

  caccy 17:50 05 Dec 2009

We always give a Christmas box to the following, the milkman, the weekday paperboy and the weekend paperboy(s).
When I did paper rounds in the 50's Christmas boxes were greatly appreciated.

  Koochy 18:10 05 Dec 2009

I used to give the postie a Christmas box every year but this year he will be getting diddly squat from me, I heard a loud banging and crashing at the front door so i went to investigate, I found said postie trying to force a parcel through the letter box - he was actually hitting the parcel with the side of his fist, the end result was the letter box was damaged and the packaging on the parcel was all out of shape (Lucky it was packed well) I asked what he thought he was doing and why he didn't knock, his reply "I couldn't be arsed", to which i went berserk, i went to the local sorting office and complained and they said they would severely reprimand him and i think they did as he now gives me a filthy look everytime he sees me and he is ever so carefull with the door furniture now.


  blanco 19:00 05 Dec 2009

I've no complaint with our Posties but that says it. Because of the plural there is no relationship with a particular individual so a Christmas Box doesn't enter the radar.

The Bin men are regulars of some years standing and, having no threats from the local authority, we give them a small thank you.

  crosstrainer 19:18 05 Dec 2009

Now then, wait for a better shot...!

Good, but not that good.

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