As Christmas is almost upon us....

  Forum Editor 19:16 23 Dec 2008

I got to wondering. This is probably the one time of the year when - either through choice, or habit, or a sense of duty, many of us spend a few days away from home...and away from our internet connections.

Does anyone suffer slight (or even severe) feelings of withdrawal,a sense of something missing, something that creates just a little air of tension in the back of the mind?

Or do you simply forget all about those websites and emails, and get on with the job of making small talk and eating and drinking?

Be totally honest now, there will be no finger-wagging, and nobody else will know - this is just between the two of us.

  perpetual motion 19:28 23 Dec 2008

Peter when i worked in hotels i was away from my family & i didnt have the option of having both christmas & new year off like many others, & in that industry if your strong at what you do then ur expected to be more commited so i worked most christmas's, there is not much more heartbreaking than been away from home/family & freinds, they say absence makes the heart grow stronger BUT they has to be a time when your job comes second!!

i quit my job on the 15th December last year as i couldnt stand another christmas away from my wife & son something ive NEVER reggretted!!

  Noldi 19:30 23 Dec 2008

I get 11 days off over Christmas this year starting Wed afternoon. First time I have had more than 2 days in the last 15 years.

I will keep an eye on my industries related Webb sites but no e-mails until 05.01.2009 or my wife will kill me I haven’t seen her since beginning of the month.


  wiz-king 19:30 23 Dec 2008

I'm afraid my works e-mails are often urgent (I work in the medicines sector) so I will be logging on to work - from home - on Christmas day and Boxing day. I cant tell people not to be ill and they want advice - now! Anyway not all of them are Christian and observe Christmas.

  Chegs ®™ 19:32 23 Dec 2008

I will freely admit to remaining at home due to not having internet access if I go out visiting.I have previously "given myself a shake" and realised I'd ceased visiting friends because of something on TV,and chose instead to give up on the TV.I will likely do the same over my internet,suddenly realise that I can hold a conversation that doesnt require me to back up my point by finding an article online. :)

"and nobody else will know - this is just between the two of us." AND the many users of PCA :)

  laurie53 19:48 23 Dec 2008

I miss it a little when I'm away, not just at Christmas, but not in any way a "withdrawal"

Even after a fortnight I would not, for instance, go to a library or internet cafe.

  Forum Editor 19:48 23 Dec 2008

The way the world is now, a lot of us, like you, are unable to get completely away from the internet, it's become an integral part of our lives.

I need to be online wherever I am, regardless of holidays; my livelihood depends on it, and that's that. I'm the sad bloke you see poring over a laptop in the sirport, or in the hotel lobby. Like you my wife in the medical profession,but she's lucky, the nature of her work means she can take a break when she needs to. There's not much people like us can do about it, but it isn't really what I was aiming at.

I know there are a lot of people for whom internet access has become a kind of addiction - something they find it hard to do without for longer than a day or so. I know it's a fact, and I'm interested in hearing about it. There's nothing 'wrong' about being an internet junkie, in fact we would find it hard to run a site like this without such people.

Someone out there must get that nervous twitch at the thought of a four day separation from that broadband connection.

  perpetual motion 20:06 23 Dec 2008

sorry i forgot to add that i MUST be online at least 4 times a week, as ive got certain commitments & freinds all over the world & not just ones ive met on the net, I think todays society is almost reliant on the NET its become somewhat of a essential in our lives..

On top of that since typing this message ive just found out my old freind who's 67 has just come out of almost a coma from meningitis!! ive just took the call informing me!! OMG im smiling now people thats made my christmas!!

  canarieslover 20:21 23 Dec 2008

As a fully paid up member of AA(ADSL Addicts) I rue every minute I spend away from my internet connection. I shall just put on a brave face and go visiting. Cold Turkey sandwiches anybody???

  tullie 20:49 23 Dec 2008

I have promised myself that i wont be online more than seven days a week,and swore not to turn on my pc over Xmas and new year,now changed my mind and better check emails over this period.
But gone are the days when maybe i had to get up for the toilet at say 2am,and checked my emails

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:37 23 Dec 2008

When I'm home I can't seem to stay away from it,

My job can also take me away to some out of the way places where I'm either working or sleeping and just don't have the time to miss being online.

However if I'm on holiday I don't really miss it for the two weeks or so.

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