Christmas !

  Autoschediastic 01:40 26 Nov 2011

Yaay in reference to our old FE we can now post Christmas topics! get ready FE lool


  Autoschediastic 02:31 26 Nov 2011

Lazarus The 2nd lool yeah! u almost got me then! :-)

  daz60 08:12 26 Nov 2011

If the Mayan priests who actually wrote this particular calendar were here now they would laugh themselves silly at the gullibility of these prophets of doom.

Worse than that Camping ? geezer who can't get any prediction right.When it all blows over (pun intended) and we enter 2013 their results there is a number 13 in the equation.....ill omen no doubt.

  Forum Editor 09:05 26 Nov 2011


I'm still here - still not liking any mention of Christmas until 25th November.

  Forum Editor 09:16 26 Nov 2011


You're right about the old rule, but the new, fluffy, caring sharing me acknowledges that was a tad harsh.

  morddwyd 10:53 26 Nov 2011

This time next month it will be all over, and people will be queuing up at the checkouts because they've run out of food!

  spuds 10:57 26 Nov 2011

Or returning their Christmas presents?.

  Autoschediastic 11:35 26 Nov 2011

I always remember the 80's around "84" my parents going shopping to the nearest shop which was a large Tesco's, we lived in a private Cul-De-Sac where there was a 120 metre private drive to the six houses at the end of it, Fields all around and no other houses for about 400 meters the only noise you heard was from other neighbors having a party no poice sirens or screaming drunks, Christmases was so great back then i remember my parents spending an OTT £250 back then at Tesco's which was a lot then & even today it is..i think back then we had this idea that Everything was shut for such a time that we had to go mad on shopping to "Stock uip" so to a days its nothing like that for me..

I dont know if its that we are more stressed or that time has simply made shopping at Christmas so much easier? but one things for sure i still love christmas even though its NOT like it was..i see so much negativeness i like to see people happy and this is the time of year when people relax that bit more...

  spuds 12:08 26 Nov 2011


I think quite a number of older persons still think of the festive days of past, but with the now 24 hour shopping, things have changed quite a lot. Some in my opinion, not for the better, but that's my opinion!.

Seeing your comment about people being happy, our local council held a very large Christmas events 'opening' ceremony in the town centre the other evening, and similar to what they have done previously.

This is more to do with attracting people into the town centre on family shopping expedition exercise. And perhaps necessary more so now, with a number of High street stores and smaller business's closing. Many happy and possibly spent-out financially and bodily people and families, returned home very sad, when they found that their vehicles had been pounced on by a large squad of traffic attendants issuing fines, and the council own car parks (contractor supervised) were charging people extra because the barrier systems were not letting vehicle out. The bad publicity made the council issue a statement "We are looking into it"- A Very Merry Christmas to all eventually perhaps?.

  spuds 16:50 26 Nov 2011

NewestRoyWidd1. That's the one.

I wonder what my friend's Sir Peter and Rory will do about it?.

  morddwyd 18:54 26 Nov 2011

"this is the time of year when people relax that bit more..."

You wouldn't think so from all the articles on "How to have a stress free Christmas" , "Avoid family rows this Christmas", "How to avoid debt problems this Christmas"

Busiest time of the year for the Samaritans, and the suicide rate increases markedly.

The pressure on people to keep up causes a lot of stress.

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