The Chinese Have Spies in Our Schools.

  morddwyd 09:01 30 Jan 2018

Have you heard the BBC interview with the Director if the CIA?

click here in the NHS and schools, talk about paranoia.

I know they're extending their influence but .......!


  qwbos 23:58 31 Jan 2018


There are numerous instances throughout history of countries with lots of weaponry and aggressive foreign policies trying - and failing - to do the same thing.

Of course there are, but not many, and show me an empire that wasn't created the way I've suggested.

What I've said has nothing to do with hand wringing, merely historical fact. I feel neither responsibility nor pride for the past. More a sense of reality, and, perhaps sadness that there are those who still won't accept that the foundations of most, if not all modern prosperous countries are steeped in the blood of their victims.

We live in an age where only one historical mass extermination gets much coverage. Those that occurred due to colonisation have been largely airbrushed from history.

history has to be viewed in context

Balderdash. There's no "context" that justifies the excesses of empire building/colonialism.

  octal 11:02 01 Feb 2018

Chinese spies? I think our education system has more to worry about than Chinese spies.

  Cymro. 11:16 01 Feb 2018

F.E. Our country is legendary for its ability to innovate, and whether or not that continues to be the case is up to us.

Yes it's legendary for a lot of things some of them things we should be very much ashamed of.

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