China and United Kingdom Nuclear Security!

  spuds 10:50 16 Oct 2015

Apparently China is now seeking an introduction to yet another investment here in the United Kingdom. Is this a step to far, as some might possibly suggest, or just another sound business deal for an overseas investor?.

click here

  Govan1x 11:22 16 Oct 2015

[China is now seeking] They are not seeking they have been invited to participate by the Government who are looking for businesses to fund it.

I assume it is the new power station you are on about. Tried opening your click her but it was taking to long so awitched it off.

  spuds 11:58 16 Oct 2015

"Tried opening your click her but it was taking to long so awitched it off."

I just tried, and the link opened up straight away?.

  Aitchbee 12:27 16 Oct 2015

I can see potential communication problems occurring and spiralling operational running costs which will inevitably be passed on the the end-users of energy ie higher bills.

  x123 13:27 16 Oct 2015

Click here works fine for me, instantly.

It should be the UK who builds and runs these large infrastructure projects. Why send all the massive future profits overseas?

  Forum Editor 14:12 16 Oct 2015

I don't see the problem. We need foreign investment, China can provide it.

China is doing exactly what we would do if we could afford to - investing in foreign countries for economic reasons. We have nothing to fear from it, but that isn't going to stop people reading all kinds of sinister motives into the deal.

  john bunyan 14:26 16 Oct 2015

As long as we build in an analogue back up in case of a future cyber attack, I see no problems. China has a formidable cyber warfare capability, and therefore we would have to be prepared, should the political issue deteriorate, to nationalise the plant and have an effective firewall.

  wee eddie 14:27 16 Oct 2015

Why bother to build a fleet of Bombers, or ICBMs for that matter, if one can just turn a Nuclear Reactor, critical, over the Internet

  oresome 14:41 16 Oct 2015

The fear is that we have lost the technical expertise to design and manufacture high tech equipment to sell to others.

We can't compete in producing low cost, mass market items. If we are also losing the ability to compete at the other end of the spectrum I don't think it bodes well for our economic future.

Successful businesses that export worldwide generally require a thriving home market. Successive governments have failed to invest in infrastructure projects on a regular basis that would support our own companies and develop expertise that could then be exported.

  kad292 17:59 16 Oct 2015

The Chinese State thinks it can make money out of our nuclear industry like the French, pity our own state thinks otherwise.The question is not so much ownership but the conditions upon which a deal is made,so expect hefty bills paid from the public purse before a deal is struck then a deal on percentage profits probably to our future detriment given that some/a lot of public funding will be necessary.

  Quickbeam 18:25 16 Oct 2015

It's a sinister plot by Dr Fu Manchu to cripple the British economy by stealth.

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