China may host World Championship

  Quickbeam 08:51 09 Oct 2008

click here First they steal the steel production, now they want our sporting heritage!

Seriously, I think it's a great shame that the sports governing body is prepared to sell out. The crucible has always been considered small for the event, but has retained popularity because it offers a personal atmosphere to players and spectators alike.

Can you imagine a snooker final with a single table in the centre of a packed Birds Nest Stadium...?

  interzone55 08:58 09 Oct 2008

But on the other hand, seeing as a fair percentage of the players in this years finals were from the People's Republic, is it not fair that they should host the world championships occasionally?

Snooker is massive in Asia, like many sports that require skill and precision rather than strength. The audience is measured in the hundreds of millions, so if they can have a chance to see the sport live and at a reasonable time, rather than in the wee small hours, it will boost the sport's audience and earning potential.

  Quickbeam 09:10 09 Oct 2008

I think they're only doing it because Boris announced that he was bringing 'ping pong' back home...

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