Chilling Food

  morddwyd 09:34 26 Apr 2010

Some say food should be chilled as quickly as possible, others that it's a no-no to put warm food into a frig.

Who's right?

  sunnystaines 09:42 26 Apr 2010

putting hot food in a fridge just puts the fridge under a bit of effort to keep the cool temp.

if its luke warm i would still put in the fridge.

  Quickbeam 09:46 26 Apr 2010

It's a no-no to put warm food into a fridge, because the warm food raises the temperature in the fridge, so any other food is then being warmed slightly, and then needs to re-chill.

Commercial food chilling plants have very thorough air circulation. You put all the hot food in at the same time or it'll be a tunnel type that the food travels through, getting progressively cooler as it goes through.

So, for a domestic chill, say a cooked chicken, cool it to room temperature first.

  wee eddie 10:02 26 Apr 2010

is to cool as fast as possible and then refrigerate, within 90 minutes.

  michaelw 10:19 26 Apr 2010

On my food hygiene course we were taught
wee eddie's advice.

  jack 10:56 26 Apr 2010

cover it then let is cool to ambient temperature before placing the the Freezer compartment of fridge /freezer.
If required to cool quickly cover it in a water tight container and immerse in ambient water from the cold tap.

  wee eddie 12:20 26 Apr 2010

Wrap it well in cling film and immerse in chilled salt water.

The best way to chill the water is to add some of the frosting from the inside of your Deep Freeze

  interzone55 12:26 26 Apr 2010

In a commercial environment it's OK to put hot food in the freezer as a commercial freezer a) is much colder than a domestic freezer and b) has a more powerful pump to circulate the cold air.

For domestic purposes I generally let the food cool to room temperature before freezing, I know this increases the chances of nasties pro-creating in the food, but without a few germs in our guts we'd all die out anyway...

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