Childcare Costs

  morddwyd 20:46 07 Sep 2011

Bit bemused by the current news stories about the cost of childcare.

I'm a different generation, of course, and I can't get my head around working just to pay for childcare.

Any young mums and/or dads out there make it a bit clearer for me?

(This is not a sarcastic or sardonic dig at changed times, just a genuine request for help in understanding)

  csqwared 20:53 07 Sep 2011


Like you I'm one of the older generation who, prior to undertaking any of life's millstones; mortgages, children, hire purchase (called credit today I think) a careful appraisal of income was undertaken and if you couldn't afford it, you didn't get it.


  Aitchbee 20:55 07 Sep 2011

I don't have any children,but I reckon a lot of the caring is done by the grandmothers and grandfathers,and other relatives - with 'No Charge'.

  interzone55 21:25 07 Sep 2011

Basically you can't buy a house on a single income these days, so both partners have to work.

To find a decent job you also may have to move away from your childhood area, this means that the grandparents may not be available to look after Olivia and Harry.

If you want to pay your mortgage you both have to work, so you have to put the kids into child care.

There's always the option of not having kids, but that doesn't seem to occur to most people...

  morddwyd 21:53 07 Sep 2011

"If you want to pay your mortgage you both have to work,"

I appreciate that, but if one set of wages is going in childcare costs how is that helping to pay the mortgage?

  Aitchbee 22:12 07 Sep 2011

In my town, of Glasgow, there has been an 'explosion' of foreign children, Who pays for their care?

  zzzz999 05:49 08 Sep 2011

Aitchbee, what the blazes has that to do with this discussion. However, if you bothered to check your facts you would see that within 6 months of arriving on these shores 95% of immigrants are working and supporting their families. Can I ask how you know they are foreign, have you spoke to them or are you just going with a visual thing....they ain't white they must be foreign.

  anskyber 08:03 08 Sep 2011

Here is the link. The picture is not clear but in effect the cost of childcare is taking up all or the majority of the earned income for low wage households as a result the "benefits" of a second income, eg holidays, are not available.

In some cases other essential items like food and fuel are cut back as part of the savings to pay for childcare.

  Aitchbee 09:13 08 Sep 2011

Rick'scafe - the long established Indian and Pakistani community in the south-side of Glasgow now have 'competition' by the massive influx of eastern Europeans in the past 3 years.I know what I am talking about.I am suggesting, that the young 'foreign' mothers do not have their 'grannies and grandas' to look after their offspring.I would also suggest, the mums do not work, but rely on child benefits.

  interzone55 09:18 08 Sep 2011


but if one set of wages is going in childcare costs how is that helping to pay the mortgage?

That's the point of the story, many low to middle income families can't afford both, so they're either falling behind on mortgage payments or using loans to pay for the stuff they can't afford because of the childcare payments.

  morddwyd 09:21 08 Sep 2011


Good hypothesis. Thanks. In the absence of an answer from someone directly affected I will stick with that.


Would appreciate it if you would take your prejudices to your own dedicated thread, rather than attempt to make mine something it's not and was never meant to be.

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