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Childcare Changes

  morddwyd 08:00 19 Mar 2014

As I understand it, changes to childcare involve tax relief for working couples.

If my understanding is right, does this not mean that a parent who decides to stay home and look after his/her own children is subsidising someone who decides, for whatever reason, to pass this job onto somebody else?

Wasn't there something about "restoring family values"?

  Forum Editor 17:48 23 Mar 2014


" now takes two earners to be working just to have a basic standard of living."

Not for all people, but yes, for lots it does.

Even more reason to provide subsidised (or free) childcare, I would have thought.

  Forum Editor 17:52 23 Mar 2014


"it is fine for families who are already in better-off positions to talk about aspirational young, when there is family help available to assist these matters!"

Are you seriously trying to suggest that only young people from better-off families have aspirations? I suggest you get out more and meet a few young people from less well off backgrounds, and see what they think of your opinion of them.

I repeat, we are living in the 21st century.

  spuds 19:12 23 Mar 2014

spuds - "Wake up, it's not tripe - we are living in the 21st century"

Perhaps Forum Editor, you can explain what is so special about being in the 21st century. To me it's no different, so far, to being in the 20th century. It certainly isn't something to make a song and dance about, or is it?.

  Aitchbee 19:20 23 Mar 2014

... as I've been somewhat frugal with spreadin' my genes about, why can't the governement give me a single-person-discount, like wot they do with council tax, if you live alone [95% off would do nicely]?

  spuds 19:26 23 Mar 2014


I think that I may have mentioned something earlier in the thread about that, and how some people might not be having their fair share of the seemingly surplus?.

  Aitchbee 19:34 23 Mar 2014

ok spuds, I concur with your supposition on the matter.

  morddwyd 20:38 23 Mar 2014

"Do we want a society which encourages women to return to work after chidbirth, or don't we? "

Is it not rather patronising to encourage women to do either, stay at home or return to work?

In my experience they are perfectly capable of making their own decisions in this regard, what society should be doing is making it as easy as possible for them to do whichever they choose, regardless of which choice they make.

  namtas 21:38 23 Mar 2014

Would you actually agree that a "basic standard of living", is each individual in an household having a car, possibly three or four holiday's abroad every year, a gym membership, and an host of other not really essential items.

No of course it is not, but it is where we are in today society where material values play such a large part of life for many, and which effects all ages. Children at primary school demanding the latest Nike footwear to be seen to be cool. It is not necessary or indeed helpful to many families but it is the way that we have gone. For many it brings distress and worry as they find it impossible to sustain. We are in a live for today and worry about tomorrows world, I am glad to say that I was born too early

  Forum Editor 22:24 23 Mar 2014


"I'm sure your own life and work gets you to meet just these types of folks, all the time!!!"

Spot on. A good deal of my work is within the construction and farming industries. I meet low paid workers a lot.

I come from what is referred to as a working class background, my father started his working life down a Welsh coal mine. He was aspirational, and ended his working life as an RAF Wing Commander. Millions of people from low-income backgrounds aspire to better themselves, and many of them achieve it. You need to wake up and see things as they are, rather than constantly churning out tired old Socialist dogma.

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