Cheney warns of Iran's nuclear ambition

  [email protected] 05:14 25 Feb 2007

Nice to know we could be close to a Nuclear War, I DONT think Iran will hesitate to use FULL force...have the peacekeepers been there yet...??
It takes JUST ONE BOMB & thats enough....some may think it'l NEVER happen but iam not so sure Iran have already said they will use WHATEVER force deemed Necessary if needed meaning KEEP AWAY..!!!!
Just aint good enough is it....fools with power....

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  Forum Editor 08:37 25 Feb 2007

are a big concern, not just in the west, but in the middle east region, where a nuclear-capable Iran would have a huge destabilising effect.

Ranting about using such weapons is one thing - actually doing so is another, and we shouldn't forget that any country which used nuclear weapons in anger would have to survive in what would then be a very cold world - you'll have few international friends the day after the bomb detonates. In fact you might not even be around; there are other countries with these weapons, and one fear is that a single detonation would spark a chain effect, with other nations panicked into attacking their nuclear neighbours.

It's all very complex, and it's to be hoped that underneath all the posturing Iran's leaders have calculated the odds correctly. Iran doesn't need to drop a bomb in order to raise the game - merely possessing such weapons would change the political power dynamic considerably.

  Kate B 11:04 25 Feb 2007

I'd be surprised if Iran hasn't calculated the odds very carefully indeed. It's seen what's happened to Iraq and I very much doubt it wants to repeat that experience.

My concern is that America's sabre-rattling and posturing is so incredibly damaging to the west's relations with the Muslim world, and it's not as if we need that relationship to be any worse. It makes the world much less safe, not more safe.

Roll on next year's presidential election.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:14 25 Feb 2007

I am heartened that the Americans are dealing with countries that have potentially dangerous nuclear capability in such a robust fashion and I'm sure that they will apply the same robustness to N.korea in spite of there being no economically extractable oil and that their religion appears not to be Muslim althought eh same is not true for Pakistan.


  Forum Editor 11:37 25 Feb 2007

is the inability of Western leaders to understand the mindsets of the Middle Eastern leaders, and vice versa. Our societies are a world apart, and when you add religious fervour to the mix you have the ingredients for intolerance. America is running scared at the moment, because the nation has never had to deal with what it calls 'the reign of terror' before. Before 9/11 no foreign group had committed an indiscriminate act of terrorism on American soil, and it shook America to the core - a previously insular nation woke up the next morning knowing that there are people in the world who could reach right into the American heartland and hurt them. The consequences of this realisation have been evident ever since, mainly in President Bush's obsession with the reign of terror, and his misguided impression that, with a bit of help from his allies he can bring it to an end with military force. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What's happening in Iran is extremely disturbing, we shouldn't kid ourselves otherwise, but it can be handled if we keep our wits about us, and back-peddle on the implied threats. The truth is that we all need the Middle East more than it needs us. Iran has the world's second largest reserve of crude oil - around 133 billion barrels. It's difficult to overestimate the value to western countries of supply agreements with Iran, and the country's leaders know it. Iran holds a very good hand in the global poker game, and so does Iraq, if it can stabilise politically. Iraq holds the world's fourth largest oil reserve.

Make no bones about it, these are very powerful countries, and if they play their cards right they'll become more powerful still. The last thing any western nation should do is contemplate any direct military solution to Iran's nuclear posturing - the answer (as it almost always does) lies in dialogue.

  spuds 12:11 25 Feb 2007

Having lived and worked in both Egypt and Israel,and visited other Middle Eastern countries, I can only say that the views of the people in those countries and the Middle East in general, doesn't revolve around the views of Bush or Blair and other 'super powers'.

The coalition are struggling now with the aftermath of the war in Iraq, and trying to show dominance in another country, isn't going to be at all easy, especially if a country wants to protect its own interests.

  tony58 17:55 25 Feb 2007

....fools with power.... Bush, Blair

  [email protected] 18:53 25 Feb 2007

I honestly thought i would have been grilled for this post as i thought no one would of thought the threat is real......

  sunny staines 19:09 25 Feb 2007

I do not think a war with Iran will be similar to Iraq. Iraq has its brainwashed fundamenalist groups in Sadr city and alqaida elswhere. But Iran has a massive population made up mostly of brainwashed fundamenalist controlled by the mullars making it impossible to stabalise the county much more than the iraq problem after knocking out irans military. The best option is to find some moderate mullar and help him to power. Isreal may prove a bigger threat to attacking iran that usa.

  DrScott 20:11 25 Feb 2007

at how poorly the most powerful country in the world is managing the Middle East. The language being used about Iran is very similar to that used before the US stormed into Iraq, and Iran must know it has the upper hand here with public opinion of virtually the entire world being against the USA (and the UK).

The arguments being used by Iran will be very convincing to those in the Middle East - i.e. the need for balance against the last superpower, and I believe any more swaggering by the US will end in complete disaster. I just hope that the diplomats excel themselves this time...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:42 25 Feb 2007

'But Iran has a massive population made up mostly of brainwashed fundamentalist controlled by the mullars' have to remember that we only get information courtesy of the news and all I need say is 'WMD' to make you think about exactly who is brainwashed. I feel that you do not understand anything about the Middle East or the mindset of Islam...have you been there?


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