Cheating in sport?

  gengiscant 06:21 02 Nov 2011

Never mind the scandal of cheating in cricket I want an urgent investigation into my granddaughter's behaviour in a game of snap she took part in with me yesterday afternoon. In my opinion there were some very dubious calls during the game. I appreciate that I have been very generous in calling a card game a sport but cheating wherever it occurs must be rooted out.

  morddwyd 07:14 02 Nov 2011

I agree.

Maybe a lifetime ban would be too harsh, but she should lose any Olympic funding.

  Crosstrainer2 07:47 02 Nov 2011


Perhaps a fine? A lifetime ban seems a little harsh.

  wiz-king 08:46 02 Nov 2011

She shows promise; a life in politics could be on the agenda, or banking perhaps.

  bjh 09:02 02 Nov 2011

Drug check??? Had she been drinking lots of fizzy drinks? Those E-numbers ... hard stuff, you know.

  Woolwell 09:04 02 Nov 2011

Grand-daughters always win.

  dagbladet 14:48 02 Nov 2011

At risk of a yellow card I offer a short youtube clip. Totally in context.

Fast Show competitive dad.1

  dagbladet 14:49 02 Nov 2011
  Forum Editor 18:02 02 Nov 2011

When one of my daughters was five years old I gave her a Rubic cube, thinking 'that'll keep her busy for a week or two'.

She took it off to her room, and shut the door. An hour later she proudly came downstairs and handed me the cube, duly completed. It took me a few minutes of sheer astonishment to realise how she had done it. She had peeled off the coloured squares and stuck them all back in the correct places.

  daz60 19:22 02 Nov 2011

Her entrepreneurial instincts should be rewarded.

  interzone55 14:14 03 Nov 2011

The three cricketers and their agent have all got fairly stiff sentences, I wonder if the sentences would have been the same if it was a sport that's not quite as gentlemanly.

After all, John Higgins only got a 6 month ban & £75,000 for essentially the same offence in Snooker, although he'd only agreed to lose four frames in four tournaments, he didn't actually carry out the offence...

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