Charles takes on weather presenters' job...

  Aitchbee 14:55 10 May 2012


...he would make a great King! Well done...Sire.

I hope the other 'Royals' are 'limbering up' also to make this a memorable year for the Queen.

It lightens up everyone's day.

  Condom 16:51 10 May 2012

As someone who managed to get into officer training school without the educational qualifications demanded of less positioned members of society why am I not in the least surprised to see that he can also give us just as accurate a weather forecasts as those professionally qualified to do so.

Perhaps he has been speaking with the plants agin ;-)

  daz60 17:02 10 May 2012

Nothing new in this report....his whole life has been "scripted".

It may be sunny over the royal residences but its a bit bleak out.

  Condom 19:24 10 May 2012

Things must be tight in the Royal Household as well. Not only has the Bonnie Prince been reduced to forecasting but he has sent the little woman out to do the same. I think he won by a short head:-)

  Aitchbee 20:53 22 Jun 2012

Charles' Dad, Prince Philip is getting-in-on-the-act now...

...well done...Your Majesty!

  john bunyan 21:00 22 Jun 2012

Not Majesty - Your Royal Highness

  Aitchbee 21:07 22 Jun 2012

john bunyan..I will keep that in mind when I am summoned, to the Palace, for my impending Knighthood :o)

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