Charity wristband suggestions?

  Jwbjnwolf 11:49 16 Nov 2013

Hi everyone :) as I'm sure you all know, Remembrance Day has just been and gone. This year I noticed that they also sold poppy wristbands rather than just traditional Poppy's, and when I got it and started wearing it, that gave me the idea of what I want to start doing. Collect wristbands so I can have my wrists full of them haha.

So like I said, I've got a black poppy wristband. I went into a British heart foundation shop in town on Wednesday to get a wristband from them. I just ordered a Help For Heroes wristband and a Support The Forces wristband yesterday.

The next ones I'm probably going to get is a collection from this page...

I prefer when I can get them from town, in which it will cost me less money because I have a bus pass so that means that I'm only paying for the wristbands, not for the travel/delivery. I know that a lot I can only get online, but the more I can get from a shop, the better.

If anyone has any more suggestions of charity wristbands, that'll mean a lot :)

Thanks :) Jase

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  Jwbjnwolf 11:56 16 Nov 2013

Also, it's not just because it's cheaper that I prefer going to the actual shop, I just enjoy going around town into shops. I just love going into shops because quite often in my experience, I've always had a little chat with someone in the store etc (such as Wednesday I went into sainsbury's and the person who helped me, she were on the bus back so that was really nice), and I'm sure we all can agree that things like that can leave us smiling a lot :-)

  wee eddie 12:09 16 Nov 2013

I suppose it's one way of wearing your heart on your sleeve!

  Jwbjnwolf 12:26 16 Nov 2013

Yep it is Wee Eddie ;D I forgot how much I love wristbands :) and wristbands, they are something that are nice to wear and show off but aren't expensive :-)

  wee eddie 16:16 16 Nov 2013

I was under the impression that one wore a wristband because one had done something to support the Charity, or cause, mentioned on it.

Rather than a device to persuade people that you were generous (£1.25 a pop) and that ones halo was shining brightly

  Jwbjnwolf 16:32 16 Nov 2013

Well it's more so for raising awareness the point of wristbands, not simply just broadcasting the message that you helped the charity.

It's not just charity wristbands I want to get, but those are quite a big majority I want to get. Yea ok maybe people may think it's weird, think me and others are crazy for being like this with wristbands etc, but you can express yourself how ever you want, how ever you call "yourself", without worrying about the thoughts of others, as if that's what you want, if that's what makes you happy, then it's not up to others to decide for you.

I want to get loads of bracelets etc too but then those are more expensive than what wristbands are and they are kinda a bit irritating compared to wristbands.

Came here for a question though about suggestions of charity wristbands, not to discuss what wristbands are for Haha ;)

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:23 16 Nov 2013

No disrespect intended to Jwbjnwolf but, does anyone ever actually look at other people's wristbands?

  Aitchbee 21:12 16 Nov 2013

"... does anyone ever actually look at other people's wristbands?"

Some of the bigname tennis stars [Murray 'n' Federer for example] 'slip on' a gold ROLEX watch [sponsored] ... immediately after winning a 'major' like Wimbledon for instance ... wouldn't it be refreshingly nice, if they 'nonchalantly' slipped on [to both wrists ... up to the elbow ] several 'charity wristbands emblazoned with appropriate slogans ... for all of the world to see?

  Aitchbee 21:15 16 Nov 2013

... forgot to add, it's when they hold up the trophy for the cameras ... for a few dollars more.

  wee eddie 21:54 16 Nov 2013

If only Rolex would sponsor me!

  Aitchbee 22:02 16 Nov 2013

wee eddie - you're 'minted' already!

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