Charity collector at your door?

  realist 19:23 05 Sep 2007

Do you give to charity collectors who hi-jack you on your own doorstep?

I do give to charitable causes but get annoyed when people knock at my door "demanding" money for a cause I may, or may not, wish to support.

  Forum Editor 19:35 05 Sep 2007

give any money to someone who calls at my door collecting for charity.

  Riojaa 19:36 05 Sep 2007

No phone call - no answer, is the way to go when it comes to door knockers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:40 05 Sep 2007

Never have, never will.


  namtas 19:46 05 Sep 2007

Every year at Christmas I do around the houses tin collecting, most people give very willingly and are polite, we get the odd one or two who refuse. and some who peep from behind the curtains, most of the money goes to provide food hampers for elderly living alone or else with special needs.

  spuds 19:49 05 Sep 2007

Only ever had once a couple of 'charity collectors' at our door.

Two young girls about 10/12 years of age, came to the door with a tin and said they were collecting on behalf of their school, who was sponsoring the local zoo for the rebuilding of an elephant house. Later checks proved the 'charity collectors' were collecting for themselves. They made quite a bit of money that week, before they were finally caught :O(.

  Jackcoms 20:01 05 Sep 2007

"most of the money goes to provide food hampers for elderly living alone"

And the rest goes to ....?

  Belatucadrus 20:10 05 Sep 2007

There is only one exception to the nowt for cold callers rule and that's the guy that comes around each year with the poppies.

  interzone55 20:20 05 Sep 2007

The only charity caller who gets any money from me is Christian Aid. The rest get short shrift.

I give to a couple charities via gift aid from my salary, and perhaps the odd TV request after a national disaster. But you have to draw the line somewhere, or else I would have to resort to the charities to get food to eat...

  holme 20:37 05 Sep 2007

If you gift money at the door, the gift is limited to the money you give at the door...

But if you gift money direct to charities at their registered addresses, they can claim (I think) 22% tax from HMG. Quite a difference.

  Spark6 20:39 05 Sep 2007

Most of the collectors in this area appear to leave an envelope through the letterbox and call to collect the donation later. Regardless of who answers the door for the collection it is usually Muggins who is called upon to donate. Ah me, the joys of being the *supposedly* head of the household.

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