Charges for visiting your doctor.

  bumpkin 15:42 08 May 2014

Something that I read about in the press recently which has all sorts of connotations so I thought it may be worth debating if someone would like to kick off.

  spuds 15:53 08 May 2014

Wasn't this or a similar article aired on the forum a few weeks/months ago?.

Perhaps a look in the archives might find any results?.

  bumpkin 16:11 08 May 2014

If it has already been done then I apologize. FE can delete if that is the case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 08 May 2014

I will be annoyed as I've been paying into the NHS for years and now I need the doctor I got to pay more?

  bumpkin 20:14 08 May 2014

I would not mind paying a small fee of £5 to £10 IF it were to improve the service which I very much doubt but not the £25 as suggested by those out of touch with reality. There is far more to it than that anyway. What about children, OAPs the disabled? do they have to pay. How about those that cannot afford to pay or those that simply refuse? do they get no treatment. How is the money collected when most appoinments are made by telephone and what are the admin costs. As has been said we have already paid our NI contributions and overall I think it a bad idea that has not properly been thought through.

  Aitchbee 21:16 08 May 2014

People ... and it's usually men ... but womwn also, will be even more unlikely to come forward and make an appointment to see their GP if they have early-warning-signs of symptoms of potentially life-threatening afflictions like cancer. A £25 fee to see a doctor is a retrograde step back to the Dark Ages, I reckon.

  bumpkin 21:24 08 May 2014

Spider. you have made a good point regarding financing the NHS but it strikes me that the more amount of money that is poured into anything government run then the more that is wasted rather than considering better efficiency.

  Aitchbee 21:47 08 May 2014

" then the only way is by extra cash - and there is only one place that can come from, us - so we pay by visit ."

I suggest a 'turnstiles' system - Adults pay full-ticket-prices to see their GP ... children under 14 can be given a free 'lift-over' ... like what happens at football matches.

  bumpkin 22:22 08 May 2014

Increased taxes sounds like the answer. All the new revenue could firstly be spent on better pay for our MPs and more expenses. Plenty remaining so why not start a war somewhere or send a rocket to investigate Jupiter. Still some left, good, more administrators and paperwork for the NHS should take care of that.

  bumpkin 23:13 08 May 2014

".and some may say that privatising the NHS would simply lead to 'fat-cats' creaming off large profits, rather than the costs reduced."

That is most likely to be the case, I am against privitalisation but like so many other government run organizations no one cares as long as their nose is in the trough.

  BRYNIT 00:08 09 May 2014

From what I've read over the years, money is waisted on operations/treatments that are never done, building that are never used, updated systems that don't work and people just coming to Britain for free medical care. A lot of these stores will have a certain amount of truth.

Will they look more carefully on how money is spent. Are they going to start charging people who just come to Britain for free Medical care. I doubt it, but they may still be expecting the British people to keep throwing money into a bottomless pit.

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