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Charge points for electric vehicles

  iscanut 20:06 17 Jul 2019

It is being mooted by some government department that all new homes should have their own charging point installed when property is built. All very well but how does this work if you are in flats or apartments several floors up ?

  canarieslover 12:36 18 Jul 2019

In the drive to provide more housing planning authorities don't even seem to worry about providing sufficient parking in developments let alone allow for any areas for vehicle charging. A development of 100 flats locally has only enough parking spaces for 90 vehicles. God help people who live in adjacent streets.

  Menzie 12:44 18 Jul 2019

Parking spaces are an issue, my current residence doesn't have enough parking for all the cars.

Those who haven't been assigned a spot have to scramble for the visitor section. Once that's full they have to park outside and risk getting a ticket as the city starts ticketing after 6am if the car is still out there.

I don't see an issue with having an electrical car port myself but don't most homes in the UK (well at least where I was from anyway) lack a driveway/garage? How would charging an EV work if you have to park on the other side of the road or away from your house?

  Pine Man 12:48 18 Jul 2019

How would charging an EV work if you have to park on the other side of the road or away from your house?

There is a suggestion that charging points will be built into lamp posts etc in the near future and ultimately even in the road surface where conduction charging could take place.

  oresome 13:40 18 Jul 2019

Car ownership will not continue as it is in the future.

The vast majority of private cars spend most of the time parked.

Once self driving cars become a reality, one will turn up on the door step when you need it and will be available for someone else once your journey is complete.

No need for several cars per household or the charging infrastructure to support them at every house.

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