Bingalau 19:44 22 May 2011

I have just been looking through a locked thread and came across a posting by tigertops2 in which he mentions that I am a character. Now as there are many different types of characters in this world (even in/on this forum) I wondered what category of character I come in?

While mentioning "tigertops2" I wondered where he got his handle from. I think he may have been active in drinking pints of Tiger beer with a smidgen of lemonade on top. He may even have had this wonderful experience drinking them in the Armada Club in HMS Terror. Or maybe in the jungles of Malaya or Borneo. I wonder? Those were the days.

  rickf 19:49 22 May 2011

As an aside, I wonder if you are Malaya as it then was. Just curious as I am from that part of the world. If so, what a small world it is.

  Bingalau 20:14 22 May 2011

rickf. No, but I spent twelve months in Ipoh in 1950, and then spent two lots of two and a half years in Singapore. I'm deeply ashamed that the only bit of local language I learned there was "A Happy New Year" from my Chinese Amah. Nothing in Malay and nothing in Tamil or any of the other languages spoken at that time. (I'm afraid I am very much a "lazy Brit". It is still a small world now compared to those days. It used to take about two weeks for an airmail letter to reach my girl friend in 1950. Now with e-mail correspondence is more or less instant. Brilliant! How I wished I had made a note of my Amah's Identity card number so that I could have traced her on a recent trip out to Singapore.

  rickf 22:27 22 May 2011

Good to hear of youe experience in Malaysia and S'pore. I am going for 3 wks in Aug for what I think will be my last visit there.

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