The changing face of Britain

  Chas49 23:48 04 Sep 2008

How many big pubs have closed in your area?

In the Willenhall (Near Wolverhampton)area there are at least 5 on my regular walking routes - probably more in other areas. They were once very popular ,with full car parks - but are now lying derelict or have been demolished to make way for houses.

  DANZIG 06:21 05 Sep 2008

Its the same up here in Huddersfield. They're closing down like no-ones business (if you pardon the pun).

I've noticed that its the local ones in the outlying estates that are most severely hit - the town centre ones seem to be existing OK at the moment.

I hear JD Wetherspoon are going to announce a loss in profits later on though.

The majority of the ones that have closed down around here have been turned into flats, just like all the petrol stations that have shut up shop as well....

  Quickbeam 09:15 05 Sep 2008

For years I read in the papers that pubs were closing on a regular basis, but I never particularly noticed any. But over the last year I've noticed the 'big barn of a place' pubs and clubs are closing at an alarming rate.

I don't think the smoking ban is entirely to blame, but in a lot of cases it is the last straw for these big old barns that were struggling anyway with the trend towards home drinking.

Some of them have diversified by having a Chinese or Indian restaurant in one half, or even martial arts clubs or something to reduce the cost per customer.

As yet I've not noticed any of them revert to stopover inns which is why these huge buildings were built in the first place. About 30 years ago most of them stopped offering rooms.

  Clapton is God 09:38 05 Sep 2008

I've noticed particularly in the South London suburbs, which I occasionally pass through, that a lot of pubs are closing.

In almost every instance the site is then cleared and a block of flats build on it.

The logic of this defies me.

Pubs are a place for people to relax, to meet friends and to get away from the stresses of the day.

So, in South London (which is already grossly overcrowded), 'developers' are taking away these meeting places (the pubs) and replacing them with blocks of flats so that they can cram yet more people into a small living space.

Yet these people then have nowhere to socialise because the pub has already been knocked down.

And we wonder why there is an increase in violence if people have nowhere to relax and unwind!

  Clapton is God 10:14 05 Sep 2008

"Pubs aren't closing because developers want to build lots of blocks of flats".

I didn't say they were.

I merely pointed out the unfortunate consequence of pubs being replaced by blocks of flats.

  Legolas 10:35 05 Sep 2008

Where I live many of the long established pubs are closing. It started with them changing hands and then eventually closing. I think the very cheap price of drink from supermarkets coupled with the smoking ban are the main causes.

  interzone55 10:40 05 Sep 2008

Pubs, like any other business, aren't charities. they're there purely to make money, not as a social service.

As fourm member pointed out, there are many reasons that pubs are closing, a big factor round my area is Wetherspoons, who seem to be able to manage on supermarket margins.

Most of the drinkers have deserted their locals and drink from dawn in the town centre Wetherspoons.

  Snec 11:26 05 Sep 2008

Yes, pubs closing is yet another contributor to the changing face of Britain. Sadly many are simply suplus to requirements. Not enough people use them, for a great variety of reasons, and making profit from a pub has become impossible for most tenanted and leasehold outlets. The managed Pubco pubs will do better but even their shareholders are not happy just now. Many of those will close too over the coming years.

Five years ago there were four pubs a week closing, now it is four a day click here

  Chas49 11:52 05 Sep 2008

Many years ago it was said that up and coming Supermarkets would destroy the corner shop and indeed many small shops disappeared - but not all. A lot of the smaller shops are now run by tgheir Indian owners and appear to be successful - but I never expected it to affect Pubs! But, as has mentioned in this thread the Supermarkets sell booze, having, in my local Morrisons , a couple of aisles devoted to alcohol.

  birdface 12:49 05 Sep 2008

Now if we could only get the license grocers to shut as well it may be the start of making the UK a safer place to live in.I am not on about supermarkets but corner shops that sell drink to the underage drinkers.

  Cymro. 13:15 05 Sep 2008

Chas49 entitled this post "The changing face of Britain" and that is exactly what is happening. It is not just pubs that are closing down at an increasing rate.

Pubs, small high street family ran shops, petrol stations with garages attached, all sorts of places of worship, village post offices and probably many more things are disappearing.

Britain just like all countries is changing and not all of it is for the best. But I still think that all things considered life is better now than it was in years gone by and as I have already said this morning you would be hard put to find a better country to live in than the U.K.

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