Changing to energy-saving LED bulbs

  simonjary 14:55 13 Oct 2013

I'm currently changing all the halogen downlights and standard lightbulbs in my house to LED to save on the energy bills.

The latest LEDs are pretty good, but cost a fortune – about £20 for a decent bulb. They're better than the older energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs.

They last forever, though, and use about 10% of the energy so should pay for themselves in about 2 years.

Anyone else changed their bulbs for LEDs?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:04 13 Oct 2013

Might change when they get cheaper, as existing bulbs fail. At the moment we have CFLs throughout.

  caccy 15:07 13 Oct 2013

Tried a LED downlighter a couple of years ago and took it out as the light output was poor.Those now on display in various stores do seem to be much better.

  bumpkin 15:10 13 Oct 2013

I would try a couple to start with and see what you think of them. I changed mine for CFLs a while back, now changed back most of them to standard bulbs or Halogen and halogen don't seem to last long.

  Woolwell 15:42 13 Oct 2013

I've changed all of my halogen downlights for LED's. They do not last for ever though. I've had one fail after a year or so. But they do not fail as often as halogen ones and I have probably saved through not having to replace them as frequently. The light quality is good and I find cool white or white light is better than warm white. They are of course cool compared to the halogen which are very hot. The remainder of our lights are all energy saving but not LED.

  Aitchbee 16:13 13 Oct 2013

Farming Today, early this morning, on BBC R4, was all about renewable energy.

A corn-on-the-cob (when suitable processed) can power a low-energy [LED] light-bulb for up to 6 hours!

click here I use 4 LED lamplight's in various locations in my house ... for bedtime reading and at my computer[s] ... saving money ... in-the-long-run, hopefully. [I incorporate 'plug-in' mechanical and electronic timers, as well, so they switch off when not required].


  bumpkin 17:14 13 Oct 2013

"They last forever", difficult thing to prove really, woolwell does not think so neither do I.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 13 Oct 2013

They only last as long as the CLF and only uese a little less power - accordingly to the display bumf at Wilkinsons

for the significant price difference I won't be buying any.

  john bunyan 18:08 13 Oct 2013

Have no CFL's. Will slowly change to LED's in kitchen (16 downlights) when current ones fail. Lighting is a very small part of my energy bill, and so far I have not seen LED's that are as good as incandescent or halogen ones. The ones I have seen seem to have a bluish light.

  wee eddie 18:40 13 Oct 2013

When I was running a business, the cost of changing the bulb was greater than the bulb itself. So the change to long life bulbs was a no brainer.

LEDs may be the same deal

  Woolwell 20:23 13 Oct 2013

john bunyan - You can get LED's which are white with no bluish tint. I'll try and have a look at mine which are a good white light and provide the make.

bumpkin - It's not that I think that they don't last forever - I know so as I've had one fail.

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