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Change to gettin prescriptin medicine.

  Govan1x 21:51 12 Feb 2019

Went to the chemist today to order my usual prescription.

Are you over 80 I was asked. not yet I replied. ok you have to go down to your doctors surgery and order it from there now.

The surgery is over a mile away the local chemist about 400 yards away.

I said to the receptionist at the doctors, I know it is not your fault but what idiot thinks it is a good idea to have pensioners over the age of 70 years old have to go to the doctors in the middle of winter to get a prescription.

I said just when you think this surgery could not get any worse they do this.

Ok today was not to bad. But think what it would be like if it was snow or ice outside.

Is this just a northamptonshire thing or is all over the UK.

  Govan1x 10:43 14 Feb 2019

I feel the same as LastChip. I would rate my doctors surgery as 0 out of 10.

I would have dropped it to -5 thinking the latest prescription fault was there so quite happy to leave it as 0 out of 10.

  Aitchbee 18:19 15 Feb 2019

My local online service prescription service has not been working for several months, last time I phoned in [on Thu 7 Feb] it cost me £1.05 as I had to wait a duration of 8:51 mins.

[above statement verified by latest itemised BT telephone bill]

Not good.

  Aitchbee 22:09 15 Feb 2019

.... next time when I re-order t'will be post brexit ... I'll blame it on the boogie, watch this space.

  morddwyd 09:12 16 Feb 2019

Must be an NHS England hing.

I order on line an can pick up at any chemist within the trust area.

  Roger Evens 10:49 16 Feb 2019

In Cornwall medicines are delivered free to your door in my village. Chemist about 500 yds away and doctor about 7.5 miles.

  Cymro. 11:10 19 Feb 2019

I just phone or EMail the surgery to let them know wHat I need. They then make out the prescription and it gets passed on to the chemist for me to collect. Obviously this only applies to repeat prescriptions as I have to be seen by a doctor if I need anything not on my repeat prescription list.

  Ex plorer 16:49 19 Feb 2019

Me I live in the dales, order on line, get automated response that its arrived, chosen pick up point usually doctors three miles away, or I could have them delivered 10 / 10 for efficiency, also seeing a doc with or without appointments at surgery, seeing a nurse is by appointment and on the same scale, never asked for home appointment but its available and excellent as my mum needs it occasionally.

Hope we never loose what we have.

  BT 17:47 19 Feb 2019

Obviously this only applies to repeat prescriptions as I have to be seen by a doctor if I need anything not on my repeat prescription list.

To a certain extent that is true but in certain circumstances you can ask for an item not on your repeat list. For example I occasionally need some Steroid cream for my hands and there is an option on my repeat order page to request what they term a 'Custom Medication'

  Smudge120 15:54 21 Feb 2019

We get repeat prescriptions sent by email from the doctor to our local chemist. The doctors surgery is ina health centre about a mile away. The chemist is nearer. We have a User ID and pass word to access our own file to re-order. It shows the list of items and we tick which ones we want. Had a phone call from one of the doctors as I am taking aspirin. It is being changed as I have been taking them for several years. It is a good surgery and a good chemist. The main chemist is the son of the original owner.

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