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Change to gettin prescriptin medicine.

  Govan1x 21:51 12 Feb 2019

Went to the chemist today to order my usual prescription.

Are you over 80 I was asked. not yet I replied. ok you have to go down to your doctors surgery and order it from there now.

The surgery is over a mile away the local chemist about 400 yards away.

I said to the receptionist at the doctors, I know it is not your fault but what idiot thinks it is a good idea to have pensioners over the age of 70 years old have to go to the doctors in the middle of winter to get a prescription.

I said just when you think this surgery could not get any worse they do this.

Ok today was not to bad. But think what it would be like if it was snow or ice outside.

Is this just a northamptonshire thing or is all over the UK.

  Old Deuteronomy 22:24 12 Feb 2019

I live in a small village in West Somerset. Our quack surgery and the most convenient pharmacy, are several miles away in opposite directions.

  wee eddie 22:53 12 Feb 2019

In Ayr, I order on-line, or over the phone, and specify the chemist that I wish to pick it up from. If I accidentally forget to order, my chemist checks my records and gives me a box of whatever it is, deducting that box from the next prescription

  Govan1x 23:45 12 Feb 2019

Belatucadrus. Thanks for the information.

I basically get the same medicine every month. But I usually get a copy of the prescription and just tick the boxes that are required. But I can see why mistakes can be made.

We may not have to physically go there at all. Still have to go to the doctors though.

  wee eddie 07:37 13 Feb 2019

Is your Surgery not signed up for "Patient Access", ours has been for several years?

  Govan1x 07:43 13 Feb 2019

It has wee eddie. Tried it a few times and had to give up.I could not get it to work properly.

May try it again though. Cheers.

  Pine Man 08:33 13 Feb 2019

I order repeats on line and the surgery sends the request electronically to my nominated chemist. Three days later I collect it.

Every twelve months I have to present myself at the surgery with an appointmnet to review my prescription needs.

Works like a charm.

Getting that appointment, however, is a completely different issue.................

  BT 09:18 13 Feb 2019

I basically do the same as Pine Man. It works most of the time but occasionally some items seem to need "reviewing by a Doctor or Nurse"so then I have to go in and explain it to the receptionist. I have my repeats on a 2 month cycle so don't need to do it so often.

Based on what has been said the Postal companies advertising to manage your prescriptions seem to contradict this. I heard the ladies in the surgery the other week discussing this and saying that some of the older patients seem to be thinking that this is compulsory. Obviously its NOT and many local Pharmacies will deliver your Prescriptions anyway if you request it.

  qwbos 12:15 13 Feb 2019


The system was upgraded a few months back. New system link so worth trying again. If you can't get in, you'll need to get your surgery to refresh your details.
The whole system went pear shaped for a couple of days while the system was being changed over, but since then, it's been perfect. Great for making appointments without being interrogated by a "health professional".

  LastChip 14:52 13 Feb 2019

My doctors surgery is a disaster.

It used to be run by a husband and wife team (doctor and nurse) and ran like clockwork.

They retired and a business doctor took it over - who owns a number of surgery's and care homes and staffs it with part timers and locums. You're lucky to see the same doctor twice. You never see the doctor that owns it and yet he's the designated doctor for over 70's (or whatever).

Prescriptions are a joke and for the first time in my life, I sent a formal letter of complaint about the inability of the surgery to properly write a repeat prescription.

When the former doctor and his wife ran it, you rarely had to wait more than a day to be seen and now it can be around two weeks.

The government may be poring money in, but I've no idea where it's going.

  BT 17:46 13 Feb 2019

Our Surgery uses SystmOne Online Service and has done for a number of years. It offers Prescription ordering, Appointment notification and cancellation as well as a limited online appointment access. The Surgery Website has a number of links and information pages.

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