The Chancelor of the Exchequer and the 2nd class train ticket

  Algerian peter ™ 22:24 19 Oct 2012

George just has a second class ticket but goes straight to first class.

"His aide tells ticket collector he cannot possibly move and sit with the likes of us in standard class and requests he is allowed to remain in First Class.

"Ticket collector refuses... I am a carriage away from the action ( the reporter) but have asked ticket inspector if he was going to let him stay "no chance"

"£160 for First Class upgrade... aide says no!..

"Breaking news: George Osborne pays £160 to stay in first class!"

You'd think they would have a pass to travel first class on any train.

Will he cut the subsidy to train operators for the embarasment?

  Algerian peter ™ 22:25 19 Oct 2012
  [email protected] 22:46 19 Oct 2012

So he boards the train with a standard ticket, then upgrades to first class. Bit of a non-story really.

I like how the journalist that is sat in a different carriage to him seems to know exactly what was said.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:51 19 Oct 2012

Another grossly overblown storm in a teacup.

  Forum Editor 22:51 19 Oct 2012


Perhaps it's an idea to read the whole story.

"an officer from the Metropolitan Police, who was escorting the chancellor, is reported to have told the train manager in advance that Mr Osborne did not have the correct ticket."

"At no time was there a disagreement or a refusal to pay for the upgrade. Nor was there any discussion between the train manager and Mr Osborne."

The part that says "His aide tells ticket collector he cannot possibly move and sit with the likes of us in standard class and requests he is allowed to remain in First Class."

was what the reporter said the aide said, but as she was by her own admission "a carriage away from the action" I think we can draw our own's all a lot of fuss about very little. Thousands of people pay upgrades on the trains every day.

  Quiller. 23:19 19 Oct 2012

According to this Mr. Osborne argued with train staff.

  Flak999 23:26 19 Oct 2012


Suppose it depends who you believe! This would be a big scalp to get, it's not going to happen, but they are sailing close to the wind!

  Condom 06:05 20 Oct 2012

The only thing that puzzles me slightly over this is why did George Osbourne only have a second class ticket in the first place if he doesn't travel second class.

  morddwyd 07:26 20 Oct 2012

Because I believe their expenses now only allow for 2nd Class, except under certain circumstances.

  interzone55 09:23 20 Oct 2012

Seems strange that I only had to pay £15 to upgrade to First Class last week on a much longer journey. I suppose that's just another example of the ridiculous pricing structure on the trains these days.

As much as I dislike Osborne and his pals, he really hasn't done anything different to loads of other people. If a seat in first class is unreserved for the whole trip anyone with a valid standard class ticket can upgrade on the train.

MPs used to get 1st class train travel for themselves and their aides, this has now thankfully been done away with, and they now have to travel standard class, or pay the upgrade themselves, in most cases this upgrade cannot be claimed as expenses.

  QuizMan 11:54 20 Oct 2012

I wonder how much the reporter one carriage away paid the ticket collector for the story and whether the collector will be declaring it on his/her tax return? :-)

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