Championship football ticket prices

  superhoops 22:26 16 Sep 2008

Hi all.
I have been going to QPR for 40 years. For about 20 years I had a season ticket but recently get to about 10 games a season.
The club was bought by 3 millionaire and billionaires last year which everyone was happy about at the time.
This season the season tickets increased by up to 70% with hefty increases on the match day tickets to suit. Yesterday the club announced, only 3 home games into the season, that the prices are going up AGAIN for the match day tickets. For some games that I paid £22 and £11 for my son for a ticket last season the same seats will be £40 or £50 now!! Derby County are, at the moment, refusing to sell their allocation for our game in 2 weeks as they do not want their fans to have to pay £40. This is only championship football for goodness sake, not top of premiership.
Sad days as reading the message boards there are many, many fans who have gone for years who have been priced out by our rich "saviours".
Comments and opinions please???

  Si_L 22:34 16 Sep 2008

These people who have bought your club are investors, out to make money, and ticket prices are an easy target.

  superhoops 22:54 16 Sep 2008

During the close season some of the seats were ripped out and 2 new "clubs" for the prawn sandwich brigade were installed. £10,000 per season to join this club". So far these top nob areas have, not surprisingly, been practically empty. Not making their money there so rip off the average working class fan.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:02 16 Sep 2008

Not making their money there so rip off the average working class have only just worked this out??????


  mrwoowoo 00:35 17 Sep 2008

Even with the vast sums being invested in and their middle Eastlands stadium,the investors are still after a return.
They hope to turn the name into a global brand and make mega bucks.
Their are no good samaritans or fairy godmothers in the world of buisness,which is all football is.
Chelsea are £800 million in debt with about £700 million of that being owed to Mr Abromovich in the form of an interest free loan.
Even he wants his money back.)O:!

  interzone55 09:18 17 Sep 2008

It's interesting that people ignore the word INVESTORS, they're not philanthropists using their money for the greater good of the fans, they're using the money to make more money.

Unfortunately they want to make money quickly, so this involves squeezing the pips (fans) until they squeak.

One point to note is that football clubs are stupidly expensive playthings, and even with high ticket prices and loads of TV cash, they still rarely make a profit.

Look at the Newcastle United situation, Mike Ashley has ploughed £250 million into the club, including £110 million just to MAINTAIN the club's debt. He's now put the club up for sale with no real hope of making a profit.

The Manchester United situation is worse in many ways, yes they make a bit of profit, but they have close to £1bn mortgage in their name courtesy of Malcolm Glazier...

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