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Challenge Power Tools (Planer PPLN822H)

  Ex plorer 16:31 28 Jul 2014

Hi I Needed to use my plane today, the blades looked a little chipped and worse for ware.

On removing them I expected to be able to reverse the blades, not so its just a one sided blade.

My Planer is a Challenge PPLN822H and no where can I find a spare blades for it I have carefully resharpened the old one and will see how it performs tomorrow.

Did Challenge go bust, or get taken over, or are they the same company as Challenge Xtream that are still going today.

Has any one tried a blade in the Challenge Planer PPLN822H of different manufacture.

  Ex plorer 09:00 29 Jul 2014

The plane came from Argos and would appear to be made for the Argos group.

Argos cant and dont supply spare blades, I came across another Person who is having the same trouble.

A conversion Kit can be bought to accept standard two sided blades for £11.

Tried Solent Tools and no joy there.

It would seem Challenge are made for the Argos group with no back-up spares as models are changed frequently.

Thanks all for your input, if I find a remedy to this I will post back.

  carver 09:08 29 Jul 2014

For what it's worth can I make a suggestion, in future buy one of these bosch it takes double sided blades, spares are very easy to come by and they last a long time.

And second this is price of blades but you get what you pay for.

  spuds 09:29 29 Jul 2014

Ex plorer

As I said earlier, check the size of the blade you have at present, the majority of planer blades are interchangeable, its just not a planer name you want.

Argos use to sell spares, as did/do their sister company Homebase, but they stopped doing this, because the spares could be obtained elsewhere, and usually much cheaper.

I have an old B&D electric planer, that wanted replacing, so I purchased recently a Stanley FatMax FME630 from Homebase. Looking around for spares brought me to the above solution.

  Ex plorer 18:13 29 Jul 2014

blades similar to these spuds I understand what you are saying in trying to find blades that will fit from another manufacture etc.

There are a few similar in looks but don't appear to have the adjusting holes in the correct place.

The resharpening has been fairly successful so I will continue until I can get out and look at blades for a match up or invest in another plane like carver pointed out.

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  woodchip 14:33 31 Jul 2014

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