A certain song in a film

  Mark5001 14:00 16 May 2010

My uncle has asked me to find out the title of a movie. He is sure it is about firejumpers who parachute straight into fighting the flames. It contains the song Freefallin' by Tom Petty. I have done some IMDB research and several films have that theme but no soundtrack information. Is anybody able to help. Thanks.

  Uboat 14:40 16 May 2010

I think this is what your after.?

click here

To buy the soundtrack simply find which album its from then google it...hope this helps

  Joseph Kerr 14:46 16 May 2010

I dont know how long it will take you but if you enter the films names into somewhere like amazon and find the soundtrack albums, that should do it.

Or if you click here: you should be able to find a list of albums the song has appeared on.

  Mark5001 14:48 16 May 2010

I know about the song,thanks, I need to know what movies it has been used in. I have googled it and gave up after a loads of fruitless pages.

  Joseph Kerr 15:13 16 May 2010

Nope, sorry. You have probably turned up more yourself. All i found was smoke jumpers too.

it is possible of course that it didnt appear of the films OST album, if it even had one. You may be better of trying to remember any of the cast and go from there.

  bremner 15:41 16 May 2010

IMDB has a soundtrack search (don't know if you did this).

The only movie listed that has Free Fallin' is Jerry Maguire. click here

Another film samples the track.

  Mark5001 15:45 16 May 2010

Thanks for that. It seems I am not going to find it so I will tell my uncle no good. Thanks all of you for trying.

  Bingalau 20:04 16 May 2010

mark5001. Methinks you have given in too easily, let some of the regulars have a chance to see your post. I mean FE has not seen it yet and he is pretty good at putting people on the right track. Numerous others will probably have a go too. I might even try to crack it myself..

  Bingalau 20:24 16 May 2010

I think you said you already had the lyrics but in case you haven't here they are ... The lyrics themselves might start some of the regular experts on here thinking about it...

click here

  Mark5001 20:52 16 May 2010

Yes sorry I agree, but I have been on this for about two months since I was first asked. I have not had any joy at all. If anybody knows it will be the FE. He is a fountain of knowledge. There are several of these films like... Smoke Jumpers, Trial By Fire, Firestorm Last Stand At Yellowstone etc, but I have no intention of buying them all just to see which one contains the song in the soundtrack. I hate to be beaten at anything, but this is tiresome. That is why I posted on here as a last resort as I know somebody here will know the answer, if they only read this post.

  Bingalau 21:44 16 May 2010

Mark5001. Hey it's Sunday and they are all at rest... I'm sure someone will give it a damn good go come Monday. So relax and try not to worry too much...I know how these little things tend to get you down. Just like those two reprobates Brumas and Macscouse.

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