ceramic car heater for the windscreen?

  Brumas 23:15 22 Nov 2007

As I do not have a garage my car will sit out, as it always does, on the drive over the winter. I have to admit though that I do get fed up of having to wait whilst the car heating system clears the inside of the windscreen especially after a hard frost!
I have seen advertised a ‘Ceramic Fan Heater’ which sits on the dash and plugs into the cigar lighter enabling it to clear the screen a lot quicker?

My question is – Has anyone any experience of these gadgets or will I be merely shelling out £12.99 for another useless piece of junk which will join the rest in the shed drawer?

  laurie53 09:07 23 Nov 2007

How come you've got space in a shed drawer?

You're obviously not really serious about collecting junk.

(Sorry, can't help with the heater thing, I'm lucky enough to have a garage, full of junk, Like an SU carburettor from a car I sold twenty years ago!)

  €dstowe 09:12 23 Nov 2007

Buy a roll of plastic bubble wrap. Cover the windscreen when you expect frost (bubble side next to the glass) and attach to the car by trapping in the doors. You can reuse it many times and when it gets tatty, unroll some more.

The wrap will provide an insulating layer and less chance of condensation on the glass.

  Brumas 09:13 23 Nov 2007

I didn't say there was a lot of space next to the 'personal treasures one couldn't possibly live without' ;o)

  interzone55 09:15 23 Nov 2007

Does your car have air-con?

Switch it on full blast and it will clear the windscreen quite quickly.

The only think I covet from my sister's Mondeo is the quick clear windscreen, which from the noise seems to use a Rolls Royce jet engine to clear the ice.

  Brumas 09:16 23 Nov 2007

Thanks for that,when I remember I attach a 'proper' plastic windscreen piece but still the inside of the screen takes ages to clear.

  Brumas 09:17 23 Nov 2007

Never thought of that, thanks I woll give it a try when the cold snap begins!

  DANZIG 09:43 23 Nov 2007

I just use the heater / air con option as previously mentioned and this super duper ice clearing spray stuff that I get from the local garage - clears ice instantly.

I might give that plastic bubble wrap idea a go as well though.

  namtas 09:57 23 Nov 2007

make sure that the next car you buy has electric heated windows.

  interzone55 10:48 23 Nov 2007

One problem with heated windscreens is that they tend to block sat-nav signals, so dash mounted devices may not work (depends on how good the built in antenna is)

  Brumas 10:53 23 Nov 2007

Thanks for all the advice but hasn't anybody any experience of the heater in question or are they all too embarrassed to admit that the gadgets have been chucked into the drawer because they are useless ;o)

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