Central Heating Pipe Power Jetting?

  spuds 11:19 15 Mar 2013

Perhaps a topic for discussions, due to the changeable and cold weather, and how we all like to keep warm?.

Having had problems with the central heating over the past few months, which as resulted in having a circulating pump and boiler fan replaced. Today having had no heating etc for a few days, the engineer (very busy) called and stated that the problem was actually sludge in the system.

He as arranged for the whole system to be power flushed, and other pipework and some fitments replaced next week.

Have you had this done, did it make a vast improvement, and were there any later problems. Not forgetting how some of us neglect our central heating until things go seriously wrong?.

  Forum Editor 11:29 15 Mar 2013

Power flushing is not a cheap, or rapid operation if done properly, but it almost invariably has a considerable beneficial effect.

On completion corrosion inhibitor should be added to the system.

  carver 11:38 15 Mar 2013

spuds not being funny but how did he come to this conclusion as F.E has said it's not cheap.

  wiz-king 12:58 15 Mar 2013

I had my 25 year old system power flushed and the amount of muck it shifted was enormous. I also had a centrifugal filter fitted and that took out a load of larger lumps of scale and stopped the pump from getting blocked.

  onthelimit1 13:09 15 Mar 2013

My (17 yr old) oil fired boiler was getting noisy - 'kettling', a plumber told me. On his advice, I treated the system with Fernox , there are others available. The colour of the water when I drained it down the second time was amazing. It did stop the noise, but can't really judge if the system is more efficient or not.

  john bunyan 13:11 15 Mar 2013

I had this done and they fitted a magnetic? filter with a drain valve so on annual servicing the sludge collects there and is drained off (near the boiler.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 15 Mar 2013

Sludging can cause cold spots on radiators I have removed mine and parents and flushed out (not system power flush) and it made a big difference.

Last summer changed my boiler and fitted 5 new rads (other two were only 2 years old) new ones seem to get a lot hotter, perhaps due to lesss layers of paint :0)

  flycatcher1 14:09 15 Mar 2013

Last year we had a new boiler fitted by British Gas. A power flush was deemed mandatory. The engineer did not carry out the flush as he said that it was unnecessary. As we had paid for it I complained to the powers and then received a full power flush, took six hours, system greatly improved. We had a magnetic filter fitted as part of the original deal.

As the result of my complaint we received a small refund, a new thermostat and two new thermostatic radiator valves. The engineer also cocked up the condensing pipe fit but BG soon sorted that as per correct spec.

We have micro bore piping but the power flush did shift a fair amount of sludge.

  woodchip 18:07 15 Mar 2013

Best way is to remove each Rad and flush with a Hose, then as FE says it need an inhibitor in it o stop it happening again Steel Panels Brass fittings anf copper pipes all add up to corrosion due to Electro-osmosis of different metals additives stop this. that one of the reasons you get rusty cars

  Bing.alau 20:52 15 Mar 2013

Fruit bat. Did removing your parents really help? Sorry but I just couldn't resist that remark..

  lotvic 23:39 15 Mar 2013

Had mine (rads not parent) power flushed by BG last monday, took all day. It was deemed necessary by BG Engineer who did Annual Service as had major cold spots at middle and bottom of some rads and closer investigation colour of water was rusty red. I have a Magnaclean trap fitted and that also was full of gunge. Top of rads were hot, cold spots were due to build up of sludge.

I had paid for a power flush Dec 2009 when had new boiler fitted and couple of rads changed, so this time it didn't cost me anything as was still covered (and also service agreement) It was suspected that the 2009 flush wasn't done properly.....

I spent prior week having to have rads on full heat to circulate the flushing stuff to dislodge the sludge before the powerflush could be done and the old water washed out and replaced with new clean water and inhibitor fluid added.

Despite all promises, I am now finding system doesn't seem to be balanced very well so am fed up with it. If I have them all on, one rad doesn't get hot. If I turn another off then the cold one does get hot etc etc. I also had a lot of air to bleed from one rad as the new water settled (I had been expecting that, so ok)

Overall, yes it is working better now, if only it had been properly balanced I'd be happy with it.

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